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One of the sessions I attended yesterday was about Internet Of Things. The purpose of IOT is to make devices or things smart and link them to smart sensors and to each other. This creates "things" that can provide us with valuable information or help with our daily problems.

IOT is also used to conduct research into natural phenomena. Take for example a swarm of insects or termites. They are all individuals who display complex emerging behavior when they are in a group. Everyone is only working according to a set of simple rules, which means that they actually work together intensively. Trying to copy that with small robots called Kilobots valuable data can be gathered and even solutions can be discovered for problems which couldn't be solved without this knowledge. By the way nature can teach us a lot of things we still can't explain.

Source Kilobots at work

There are also things that are closer to our daily existence that are or can be provided by IOT. Think for example of clothespins with a sensor that send you a message when the laundry is dry or when it starts to rain. Or how about a smart washing machine that only turns on when your solar panels generate enough power to run the washing machine on your own power.

There are many smart things to think of that could possibly be solved with IOT.
An example from practice. A colleague of mine goes reasonably far in applying IOT. Everyone at his home has a dongle that automatically registers when someone is at home or not. When no one is left in the house, the doors are automatically locked, the alarm is set and the heating temperature is lowered. And as a bonus, a message is also sent that everything has worked out 😊

I am convinced that IOT can simplify many of our daily problems. I would like to make the caveat that you must be careful with data, automation and privacy sensitive data at all times 😊

Have a great night,


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I tell my sweetheart Alexa everything. She promises to keep it all a secret... :O)

lol :) people say she can keep a secret indeed.... I do have my doubts a bit...but hey... :)

If she tells then I am finished with her! :0D

Ah, geo-fencing. The use cases for it are really awesome. I am still on the fence weighing the security risks vs. the convenience factor for IoT devices. My wife and I have been toying around with the idea of a video doorbell and a smart thermostat for a while. Those are probably where we would start if we did implement something in our house. This sounds like it was a really cool session!

It was indeed.. My next IOT device will be a raspberry PI with a cable for our power-meter. That way I am able to look realtime at the powerconsumption and the revenue of our solar panels. The step after that are smart plugs to measure the individual power consumption of devices. I do want to have stuff without any cloud connection, they are a bit more expensive but asure data safety :) A video doorbell is a handy device !!

Raspberry Pi's are fun to play with. I have a couple of them in my office. I haven't really dug into them yet. We have a smart meter attached to our house so I can login and see what my usage is at any given point. It was mandated by the power company. I would love to have solar panels!

As we speak I just installed Domoticz on my Synology, just to try the smart meter before I buy the raspberry. But it works awesome...it's dark here at the moment so I cant see the delivery of my solar panels...but it looks awesome... Just tried a electrical heater....it absorbs a lot of power lol.... Great to see the usage realtime...

That is pretty awesome. Yeah, those items with a heating element that draw a lot of wattage can be killer!

I only hope I wont get to be a Ebenezer Scrooge hahahaha

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