TOP 6 - Facts about Weed

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Let's explore some facts about the herb.

6) Every hemp plant could save 12 tress

Hemp, AKA weeds non-psychoactive sibling, can easily be transformed into biodiesel, paper products and hemp concrete.

Making the switch to hemp, dramatically cuts down on your need for wood and timber. It also cuts down our need for fossil fuels which are bad for the environment .

Hemp is one of the most sustainable choices out here.

5) You can't die from weed?

Drugs are constantly rated given a LD-50 rating. This rating indicated how much of that drug would have to be given to a group of animals to kill half of the animals. I know, I know this is terrible for animals but this is not the point.

The point is, researchers have not been able to determine the LD-50 rating of marijuana. In other words, they could not give animal enough week to kill them.

Those are some happy animals though 😅. Reseachers say that a lethal dose would have to be 20 000 to 40 000 times the amout found in a single joint. Also, you would have to smoke that much in 15 minutes to die. Good luck!

4) Human breast milk containts cannabinoids

Breast milk cointaints cannabinoids like the ones find in marijuana. The human body has these proteins known as cannabinoids receptors and they are designed to process cannabinoids like THC. As we all know THC is one the active components in weed. The fun component, the one that gets you high 😍.

Without those canndbinoids in breast milk, not only babys would not know how to eat, they would't even be interested in eating. Cannabinoids also trigger breast feeding babies to latch on. If you know what I mean.


3) USA Marijuana expert turned into a bat

In 1937, the Congress passed the National Marijuana Act, which outlawed weed. The Medical Association lobbied against the act at the time, saying there was no proof that the drug was dangerous.

An ''expert'', called James Much, claimed that he inject cannabis extract into the brain of 300 dogs and 1 of them died. Again, horrible. Someone call PETA. Anyways, the law passed and James Much was hired to be the Burea of Narcotics official marijuana expert.

This man expertise was called into question when he was testifying in court about marijuana he said that one time he smoked it and it turned him in a bat. LOL WTF 😂. You would think that he would get fired after such a statement, but nope!


So this Much dude, led our nation's drug policy for 25 years. WTF was the government smoking?

2) Weed kills cancer cells

According to the National Cancer Institute, cannabinoids found in marijuana actually kill cancer cells. Not only do they kill cancer cells, but in some cases they block bad cells growth and the development of blood vessels that cancer cells need to grow.

In other studies, weed prevented inflammation of the colon. Experts say it might help prevent colon cancer

1) Hiphop group Outlawz smoked Tupac's ashes in a joint

This gives a new meaning to the term smoke yo ass 😂!

In a recent interview, members of Outlawz said they actually smoked Tupac's ashes as a final farewell. They said they got the idea from Tupac's song lyrics.

Cremated, last wishes niggas smoke my ashes
High sigh why die wishin', hopin' for possibilities

So his friend honored his memory by rolling up some Cali Kush and sprinkling in a little Tupac

In what state do you live in? If you are not living in the USA, does your country allow weed?

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Cool read. Hopefully weed will be legal in the federal eyes sooner than later. It's crazy to think that it's still illegal.

True, whit all the money that could be made with it. Also it would be safer (for buyers AND sellers). Just a matter of time.

it will be legalized in cali soon!

Great new 😋

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