How to create a blog on Blogger

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Blogger is a free blog platform provided by the well-known Google, which also includes Blogspot. This Free Blog platform is without any of the most open today, in terms of comfort of use as well as in terms of flexibility of the tool. Thus, it is very common that future bloggers opt for this flagship product of Google.

Just follow the articles for how to create a blogspot blog.

Sign in to Blogger and / or Create a Google Account

The good news is that creating a Blog on Blogguer is very simple and fast! So let's go without wasting time and start by connecting to the Blogger site. The login address in French is:

Once connected to the site, we quickly understand that we will have to proceed to the creation of a Google account, unless of course we already have a Google account (thanks to an already existing Gmail mailbox etc ...).

Subtlety: If you already have a Google account and want to use it to blog via Blogger, then just use his existing account. In this case, if you want to distinguish the existing account and its current use, the future account for Blogging, it will then proceed to the creation of a new account.

The creation of a new account is very classic with the current info to fill: Name, first name etc ... Faced with the growing number of personal information collected right on the left on the web, it can cool down. However, it is a condition sine qua non for access to Blogger.

Once connected, Google will ask which Google+ account to use or view. It will then be necessary to opt for an existing account or the creation of a new one. Here again, the choice still remains specific to the creator / future blogger.

As soon as the choice is made about the G + profile to use for blogging via Blogger, you will be redirected to the Blogger interface as follows:

Blogger Blog Creation

The Blogger interface is very simple and clear. Thus, to proceed to the creation of a future Blog, we click on the button at the top right on the tab of the Google profile: New Blog:

Clicking on the New Blog button will have the effect of displaying a floating window above the current page. This window is easy to fill in, since it will suffice to indicate the name of the future Blog, its address (which will be used to connect to the blog and will be displayed in the address bar of the internet browser). The window will also propose to select one of the default Blogger templates/templates/designs:

Once the fields are filled and the model chosen, click on the orange button at the bottom right of the window: Create a blog. So, the window will disappear, leaving the administration page of the brand new blog on Blogger :) It only remains to learn to use Blogger, which will be discussed very soon on YWB :)!

Here, in just a few minutes, the blog was created on Blogger :) All for free! ;)

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