One Foot in Front of the Other 5/9/2018 - Exhaustion and Almost Missing My Goal

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Hello All,

Here I am on Day 2 of my goal to write something every day for a week and I've already almost messed up! I had intended to write something earlier, but I got busy with work, then parenting, then relaxing... At any rate, I made it, so I suppose I haven't failed in my goal... yet...

Today was pretty tiring, as has been the past couple of weeks. Work is getting stressful with deadlines, and my lack of sleep and subsequent focus is starting to catch up with me. As a result, I'm trying to play make-up, which is never fun. Due to that, I'll probably be up for a bit yet tonight, but I suppose I can't really blame anyone but myself on that one. It is just a vicious cycle as exhaustion causes me to fall behind, then trying to get caught up begets more exhaustion...

Work aside, life is good. My brother is getting married this weekend to a wonderful girl and we couldn't be happier for them. It will be another exhausting weekend, but certainly well worth it to celebrate with them. I'll also be going on my first deep sea fishing trip, which I am very much looking forward to! I don't know if any of you have gone before, but if so, please share your experiences with me. As I've never been, I'd love to hear your stories or any advice you may have.

On to my musings for the day. It always amazes me how time just seems to slip away. I keep getting myself caught in a trap thinking I have plenty of time to accomplish whatever it is that I need to do. Unfortunately, before I know it, my surplus of time has mystically vanished, only to be replaced by exhaustion and an utter lack of motivation. It seems like time slips away silently, leaving you with mild despair. In the case of the deadlines I have to meet this week, I have felt exactly that (or maybe a bit more than "mild" despair). Then, after getting home, my good intentions for the evening seem to slip by unfulfilled as well. For example, the past couple of days were to be spent finishing up the furniture for my daughter's nursery. Unfortunately, by the time all the other tasks have been completed and our son is in bed, it always ends up being later than expected, and the amount of energy left in the tank is dangerously low. Once again, time slips away, leaving behind that mild despair I am gradually becoming all too familiar with.

Long story short, as cliche as it may sound, and as obvious as it is, make the most of your time and don't let it go to waste. I would not be feeling the way I do at the moment if I had just taken my own advice into consideration. Unfortunately I did not. I allowed myself to be distracted and gave in to my willpower, weakened due to my exhaustion, gave out to lazier and unproductive alternatives. The result is simply more exhaustion and little to no time to complete what is necessary. If I could redo this week I would, but alas, time does not work that way...

On a more fun note, my 2 year old (almost 3) read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to me this evening. Of course he cannot actually read yet, but he has memorized enough of the story to where he can put on a pretty convincing act! While it was not perfect, I have to say that I am still impressed. Furthermore, it was absolutely adorable and made me feel good that he intentionally had me stop and listen while he "read" it to me.

Well I should be getting back to work, so I'll wrap this up with a little bit of crypto talk about my current favorite coin. It is called Zilliqa, and it has been going up steadily over the past week or so. The technology behind this coin is extremely promising. They already have a working model and the Mainnet will be released before long. It promises to solve the scalability issues that plague most coins, already testing at multiple thousands of transactions per second and only expected to increase. For perspective, Bitcoin can generally only manage between 3-7 transactions per second. There's more to this coin/project, but I recommend doing your own research. While it breached the $1 Billion market cap mark today, it looks like it still has plenty of room to grow and is probably worth looking into if you want to diversify a bit. I believe it is presently sitting around $0.19-$0.20, so while certainly more expensive than the $0.04 it was at a few weeks ago, it is still fairly affordable should you choose to invest.

At any rate, that's all for now. I need to finish up this work and get some sleep! I trust you all will have a wonderful morning/day/night!

See you tomorrow,
Tim @tj5553

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