Do you know songs like this?

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As a developer, there are times where I need complete silence; in order to focus as best as possible.

However, there are also times where I need the motivation and hyperfocus that only music can bring.

And I currently really like this song:

The only problem: it's not long enough.

I could put it on repeat, but that's not an option without spoiling the song.


Do you know similar songs with the same/similar beat or rhythm?

If you do, then share them with me in the comments below and if I like it, you'll get an upvote. Deal?

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I recommend checking out

Invented to have the brain of a neuroscientist and the heart of a musician. Our AI (or extended human intelligence) creates all the music in

If you dig around you can find a lifetime subscription for about $40.

The idea is it stimulates the brain to increase focus, creativity, and relaxation, depending on the waves targeted.


That's really amazing. Thank you!


Also, check out Ultimate Brain by Tom Kenyon, but I don't see much point of it anymore since

Not my kinda musical genre tbh. But here you have it anyway @therealwolf. };)

And this one, only if the hyperfocus of your motivation starts to scale up on the kinky side. ;p

For me every song is unique and every person feels music differently. I think it's very hard to recommend a song to a person without knowing that person for a very long time.

Your favorite song combines many musical influences, like Calypso, Reggae, and RAP.
To give the title "Safari" the necessary weight, the vocals are oriental.
Another point is of course the language in which the song is performed.
To sum it up, this song "Safari" is really unique.

Translated with


Interesting - thank you

Eso depende del género que te gusta, pero si quieres canciones en español, puedo hacer una lista. Recomiendo esta que es del mismo artista.


Already know it, but thank you.

Interesting. I usually do not listen to this style but Iam open enough to realize this is some good stuff. Thanks for sharing @therealwolf

Gracias por compartir tu publicación, saludos fraternos.

That is a really great choice of a song, can se why you like it so much 😊 makes it hard to sit still. Have a wonderful week. Cheers!

I was listening to this song on repeat too last summer all day long. Maybe try other songs from J Balvin (X and Mi Gente might be too cheery for work background music).

As a developer, there are times where I need complete silence; in order to focus as best as possible.

Firstly, Its the same with every man because of how our brain is connected. Men can only concentrate at one thing at a time. Unlike women that can concentrate on more than more one thing at the same the same time, Because of how their brain are connected too (Diffrent from ours)

About the song, I dont vibe with Spanish songs like that but...

Try "Mi Gente by J Balvin" Yes.. the dude is so cool and that is his latest hit track.
Also try "Enrique Iglesias - MOVE TO MIAMI ft. Pitbull"

I am not sure you will like other suggestions. If you are a bit free at the moment, tell me the discord server you are active on. I will join the radio to load some songs and you will pick out the ones you love.
As for me, I am always on Neoxian server...

I study spanish for two years now and understand reasonably. I get 200% motivation from this clip

Greetings goldrooster/powernap. It is cumbia music.

I don't know any similar song :(
I prefer !hardbass.


Hard Bass!

In such situations I trust "smooth jazz" or jazz matazz.

Ich vertraue in solchen Situationen dem "Smooth Jazz" oder Jazzmatazz.

Liebe Grüße

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have you tried kpop?