The Mueller Report Card

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Delusional Democrats are so desperate to recover power following their stunning rejection by the American people in the election of 2016, that they have been slobbering all over themselves trying to “protect” the Mueller witch hunt against President Trump.

Democrats have attempted (unsuccessfully) to pass legation in Congress to prevent President Trump from firing Robert Mueller and Democrats have attempted (unsuccessfully) to bribe Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavnaugh with confirmation to the Supreme Court, in exchange for a guarantee that the judge would recuse himself in any case involving Mueller’s “independent” counsel.

This model of “independent” investigation, Robert Mueller has had an interesting history.

Mueller’s team hired an FBI spy (Professor Mfsud) to lure George Papadopoulos to come to London in an attempt to entrap Papadopoulos into a contact with a Russian

Now, with the Mueller’s own conspiracy unraveling the following facts emerge:

Democrat Party shills, James Comey, Bruce Ohr, and many others are now facing federal; prosecution, and Andrew McCabe is before a federal grand jury.
Many of the Mueller team are facing prosecution for Lying to a FISA court (a federal court) and the Mueller team is about to be questioned as to how they spent over 20 million dollars in taxpayer money on their “important” investigation,

The Mueller crew has posted an “important victory.

In 2016, George Papadopoulos was a 32 year old, little known, little qualified resident of Illinois, whose only prior political experience was his involvement in the Greek community in Skokie, Illinois, where he had graduated from high school in 2005.

He thought that, if he could get involved in a major political campaign, he might eventually get a government job.
Papadopoulos began to hang around the Trump campaign.

The Mueller team had George Papadopoulos convicted of lying to them
We are asked to forget that the Mueller team itself lied to federal courts.

The Mueller team has just haPapadopoulos sentenced by US Federal District Court Judge Randy Moss.

Judge Moss expressed annoyance with the Mueller team request that Papadopoulos be sentence to 6 months in jail.
The judge said that there was no evidence that Papadopoulos intended to conspire with Russians.

Papadopoulos was sentenced to 2 weeks in jail for “lying to the FBI."

We are sure that Americans will sleep soundly in their beds, totally safe in the knowledge that this dangerous criminal, George Papadopoulos, will be in jail for 2 whole weeks!

We are sure that with the expenditure of several more millions of taxpayer dollars and the utilization of many mower illegal activities, the Mueller squad will be able to identify members of the Trump team who might be convicted of J-walking.

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