Focus on the Quality of Life

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When tragedy strikes, you tend to feel stuck there. Focusing on what life was before it all happened. You miss what was and get stuck in the past instead of moving forward...

This I how I felt after losing our home and all we had in a fire. Sometimes it still hits me, but with the support from my husband, and some of you guys, and then looking at my boy's happy little faces, I get over it and keep looking forward.

Yes we are in a financial predicament, yes we don't have couches, chairs, tables etc and sleep with our mattress on the floor, yes we are behind with debt, so yes, we are tired and stressed. But WOW....

All that stress can wash away in a moment by enjoying LIFE!!!

Yeah I know you will start worrying again when think about the numbers. But taking in that moment that is right there, soothes your soul and you realize that no burden can take away those special moments in life...

Create New Memories💭💭💭

The world may be on your shoulders, but you have to grab those moments for yourself, for your marriage/relationship and for your kids!
Those moments are forever, nothing and no one can take it away. It will ease your pain, make you stronger through trials and worries and it will even help you to get a new perspective on how to deal with the mountains in front of you.

STOP.., and take those moments. Your Happiness is in your Hands.

Enjoying a cuppa with a view no money can buy

With Love

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You are so right! Life passes in a “plis plas” as we say in Barcelona and we don’t always enjoy it as we should.
I admire your resilience. Thanks for sharing and good luck

nice article ..enjoy life bcz life is short..