thoughts from August 25th

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I mean, I don't think I do at least..

I know money is not everything, but I still have my eye on a lot.

Materialism is such a debated topic, but I’m firm in my convictions. I can have as much as I want, I must simply earn it. Even I click my tongue at the sight of dropped food, spilled drink, or absurd celebrity real estate; everyone understands waste. There are items within my reach, that will not be mine unless I seize them. I can get dreamy, airy and aloft with ideals, but take this pair of sneakers.

I wanna kick game like shinobi!

I found them to be of value, and within my tastes and preferences among clothing. While it may not bring any extra utility to my life, I’m still enthralled at the notion that I get to stunt in the ultramarine colorway and walk on patented NIKE air!

Click the pic to visit the portfolio.

This account, could be the embodiment of my insatiable greed, or the epic tale of satisfying my life’s desires. Lucky for you, I take good pictures.

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