thoughts from August 19th

in blog •  5 months ago

As always, when important decisions come, I drag my feet. I don’t know when I started the habit, but it only occurred recently to me, I should make an active change. Of course, not every choice comes with lives at stake. Sometimes it is fine to mull over chocolate or vanilla, even if you’re that one customer taking forever in the line for ice cream.

The problem was I accepted that role as the indecisive customer.

I’m faced with a fair bit of uncertainty in life, and as I’m expected to take the reins and lead my life in some direction – I cannot even find the North Star – courses of action must come clearly.

I will round off the last year of my studies, and be faced with nothing but mind-bending matters left and right. My eyes may look sleepy, but I was born with this look. I have high aspirations, and I’m realizing within myself I am more alert than ever.

Click the pic to visit the gallery.

I will use the exhibition to temper myself as I steel my resolve.

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