The serpent that threatened to eat my traveling companion

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I saw the red pills taken near the forceps of reality and I knew for that second what was going on. The bright red coming from their hands, the fierce takers of that sentence had been seduced by the almanacks distributed by the seven or eight gods present.

It is not a matter to be underestimated, because we are approaching little by little the apocalypse of temptations, of the hundreds and hundreds of wrecked alembics that were placed near the trough.

I saw yesterday under the tree of knowledge, where we were told to wait, a serpent bigger than the biblical one. I had two thorns coming out of my head. I don't say horns because they looked more like what comes out of the stem of a rose. And this snake approached my traveling companion (last time, I forgot to mention that she's left-handed) and told her that she either intruded into my passion or would it corrode her from the inside.

Since then we have been in this intermittence of becoming centipedes and turtles, goldfish and brown eagles that fly through outer space. Who knows what will be discussed here on this grass when we leave, but for now we have to pay more attention to our bodies than to the wisdom of the future, to the cosmos.

Another thing I noticed was that under that tree were a few crickets talking to each other. I would not have noticed them if my traveling companion had not pushed me to the ground. I saw them so close that I feared they would get in my eyes. They looked at me with anger and resentment, with that kind of destruction of the soul to which insects and reptiles are so accustomed.

And I saw there, lying down, as they exchanged balls of gold and other precious metals. It turns out that insects have their own economy and finance rules. Isn't this funny? Knowing this made me lose myself in that haze of thoughts that runs through the fields and the changes.

I could not tell you how much time has passed since then and now. A few millennia, at least. I remember that purple snow that fell, and that was only before the preamble.

In any case, let's stop thinking about these small things and let's broaden the vision of the description a little. Between the two major eolic planets, my companion and I saw asteroids that belonged to the race of the turtles. They had shells of hardness unattainable by any other material. How I would like to tear a piece out of one of those turtles and make an antidium armor. It would be good for me when the time comes for the apocalypse of temptations.

And it was around the atmosphere of one of these planetary turtles that I saw a couple of men consuming these red pills. And what a good choice that was. There nobody is going to bother you. I would not dare. Imagine a couple of minor gods trying it. Not even joking.

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