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These frustrations confuse the frustration of frustrating words.

Nets for burns and compositions.

Sadness is of course the heart of the rest of the hearts of laughter and itching of the hearts of laughter.

Right wings of rivers are formed. None of the tree was destroyed. And tears raise your heart.

This is a handful of a heart break

Roasted heart of embers.

I'd call it a human. I'm laughing now that we're gonna cry. What do you have? What is the use of sadness at the end of the sorrows between the hearts and screams of the matching screams?

How overwhelming people and how unfaithful they are.

No one on the street. Shelters. I need thousands of witnesses. There is love in the nest, the hearts of compassion heats the hearts.

My eyes were soft. I closed my ears. As long as I am. You don't want to hear or see students' inner beliefs. On the other hand, I want to be compassionate to humanity. I wish love and hate to take the place of the Creator.

I'm the only one on the stage. Let's go together, who is hiding from the secret bride and helping.

Let's accept what you can do in your heart. It's not hard to love and love.

Who stole it many times, who stole your heart.

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