Did you remember?

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Not only the revolutions of changing technology. All people watch a screening prototype.

I don't know what you're going through. What am I

I miss my school formam, survey book and walkman. Even things we do for girls.

Where's the innocence of hiding?

Not clear in his pocket.

Remember a concept called trust or misunderstanding.

What about so-called privacy?

Today they are not expressed in false expressions or shaded.

Adjectives changed, basic concepts and all emotions developed.

Then who will calculate all this?

Looking for answers? If I'm the only criminal. The only thing that didn't change was big mistakes. Because my wisdom is resisting change.

That's all, Bend.

Do you hear that melody coming from far away? Celine Dion says: 'I live.'

God, I can't hear you. I think my mind's playing with me again. Yeah, definitely the system is about to collapse. The best way is the best.

What's the next song?

What do you think ...

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