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RE: Thoughts from the Front Lines: Come Out From The Whiners!

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Looks like a wonderful experience with trials of course as well thanks for sharing with us

I used to hate it when people said that about our girls as well, I so wanted to leap down peoples throats sometimes for saying that or similar


You're welcome!

Ack, I agree that comment is one of the most infuriating ever! My violin teacher used to tell a story about Yasha Heifitz, one of the greatest violinists who've lived. One time a woman came up to him after a concert and said, "Your violin makes such beautiful music!"

He held the violin up to his ear and said, "Hm. I don't hear anything."

Parents are the same way. If you see a whole family of very pleasant, peaceful see some really dedicated, hardworking parents' work. I aspire to be one of those parents and I'm so appreciative when I someone else who's "gotten there". It reminds me this is possible.

Yes it is so frustrating, your story reminds me of a Photographer who an exhibit of photo in an exhibit hosted by the Queen, She spoke to him and said I have a Cousin and he takes great photos also, the photographer replied, what a coincidence I have a Cousin and he is a queen also

NOt sur eif it is true but I love that story

LOL! That's like when you do anything people admire and everyone has the urge to come up and tell you how they or someone they know can do the same thing...

And it's rude to just look at them blankly and say, "Um. So?"

True but someyits just so tempting to be rude lol

Absolutely...though not as tempting as when people come up to me in the store and look at my kids and then say, "You really need to figure out what causes that."

Every single response that comes into my head in that moment is just too wildly inappropriate to say, so I just stare back speechlessly...

Sometimes saying nothing is the best way to go saying what first comes into my head would and has got me in trouble

Plus silence doesn’t acknowledge their stupidity

Yes: "Least said, soonest mended" isn't a bad philosophy, eh?

I don’t think I had heard that saying but it is a good one

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