Dancing with Death

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There's a reason for the baldy look and it isn't because I'm practising to be a monk. In October 2018 I met someone... and noooo, it wasn't a barber, it was someone way more unexpected than that.

Photo by David Taffet

I met DEATH.

The Grim Reaper himself, appearing in many different forms for each and every one of us, came to me in the form of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer, Stage 3, Grade 3.

I know, that probably makes no sense to you, it didn't me either. To those of you that do understand it, battle on warrior women, we can beat this!!

That's why i want to do this blog. I've had to learn so much throughout this journey that I want to share what I've had to learn.


Reaper man

Come Mr Reaper man, walk by my side

Now I know that you're there, you don't have to hide

Don't walk behind me, swinging your scythe

Instead walk beside me, let's talk about life

Whilst you sneaked up behind me in the darkness of night

I'd been healing inner realms, becoming a warrior of light

I'd learnt to surrender to the fears within

My anxieties humbled, by the magic positivity brings

I see now where you led me, was to make me headstrong

Strong enough to dance, between the beats in the song

As Life's symphony, it's crescendo of high's and low's

wouldn't sound the same without the "grand pause"

For your kiss of death, warms my spirit in life's embrace

Enchanting all in time and space

We're all dancers here, uniquely to our own

manifesting music, from deep within the soul

I love you Mr Reaper man,

I see you as a friend

Let's dance Mr Reaper man,

until the very end

Susy Emery

(February 2019)


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