Sick with the Flu ? Don't Die, Hangout with the SteemSpeak Crew.

in blog •  11 months ago

This has been the second time in 4 months I have contracted the flu. once in August by this Canadian who also tried to scam me out of money under the ruse of haveing me travel to work with him in Canada. The Second time is right now but i have found ample entertainment listening to Steemspeak Discord run by @fyrstikken. There are some crazy grizly statistics about death related to the flu strain this year but i cant let that stop me, just have to heavly medicate myself and keep working.

This is how we get rid of the flu.

Hang out with all the up and coming Crypto Whales at

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This is how we get rid of flu? Seriously lol
Any way get well soon. Greetings from Ghana

Yeah man im glad you are using the image I made for you and

As you can tell i am very proud of it

hope you get well soon, you will be okay, steemit is a nice place to get company

the end is near
about time


but for you....get well soon

get well soon..i wish you a speedy recovery sir :)dont ll be fine soon

get well soon