Bots Sorta' Like Lottery; Most Likely You'll Pay More than You Receive

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UPDATE: Interesting...I thought by now someone would have refuted my headline. So far, 'lots' of eyes, and zero takers. Could this be an accepted truth?

Okay, when things baffle me, I develop an innate yen to sort things out to discern if something really is all that.

It’s no secret that bots are a contention with many in the community.

Personally, I made peace with this tool of the platform long ago. So, if bots are your thing, no problem here.

That’s not the point of this post.

However, recently I received a comment from a fan of the bots community. They politely made a case for why bots are more like a means for advertising your posts. On the surface, I thought, hmm…that’s interesting…cool.

But, it didn’t take long before I was unsettled by the reality that advertisers with the most money, create the most ads, which makes for a very unlevel playing field for those who don’t ‘advertise’.

Of course, this led me to delve a little deeper. I went to this person’s blog to see how wonderful this bot payout is.

On landing:

  • I learned that this blogger joined Steemit a year before I did.

  • I learned that their rank is one number higher than mine currently is.

Okay, all is well.

I scrolled to see the blog payouts and was blown away, well almost.

Here’s a snapshot of his payouts:

Wow! His numbers certainly run circles around my penny payouts. On the surface, I thought, geez, maybe I ought to reconsider this whole bot thing…lol…

Money is a dangerous enchanter, for the rich and the poor. Never ye forget this truth.

But, to not digress, as those numbers were quite impressive. I thought, wow, this person must be putting in hours of research for these payouts. So, I clicked on one.


Uhm… that was my first reaction. (lol)

This post was a cut and paste with a closing line, paraphrasing here, ‘Thank you for reading my post.’


By now, I’m doing that ridiculous nervous laugh, while smh.

This leads me to another one. It was a beautiful pic, with a few personal lines, yielding a payout of nearly 100 USD.

I thought, for that!?

This is not to disrespect this blogger. I actually considered joining this site; because the posts are primarily uplifting…

Nearing ~$100. uplifting?


But, that’s subjective. Apparently HUNDREDS of fellow ‘Steemians’ thought so; so, who am I to judge?

And, then I got it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh….bots are the hundreds of people……ohhhhhhhhh, got it! But, hey, not bad if this yields hundreds of dollars in payouts.

Next stop was the Wallet. I always warn spouses to not look into the other’s wallet without permission. It may reveal more than you want to see.

So, I land in the Wallet; and with furrowed brow, stared blankly at the screen, reverberating that thought yet again…


This person has a fraction of what I have in the account. I figured there must be a whole lot of powering down going on.

So, I continue scrolling and all I see for seemingly hundreds of transactions in the history is this:

Sorry, we could not upvote you…

Sorry, we could not upvote you… (more times than I could count!)


Sorry became so rhetorical, that I thought to myself, this can’t be good for karma. A history of apologetic memos doesn’t do much to inspire the writer’s yen.

Okay, I scrolled as far as I could to see how often this person was powering down; but, oddly, there were no withdrawals.

There were ZERO huge deposits for these simple posts.

Thus, leads to the purpose of this post; for which I’m eager to hear an explanation.




If you know, let me know…please and thank you! Okay, I’ll be a bot. I will up vote your answer, if you offer any insight or opinion, right or wrong. Btw, the second question is rhetorical, as it's clear who the sender is. (HINT: Think bot) ;+}


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Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

@spiritualmatters I want to upvote this, but I'm just seeing this 15 days later and I heard you won't get the payout for it??

I think if people use bots but have crappy content, like the person you're mentioning in this post...then it won't do them any good at all, because they are essentially adverting crap.

I think several people know now (maybe not people just joining steemit) that bots usually make you lose money, actually. But some people don't care just because it's worth it short term to lose money, if it gets their content in front of more eyeballs, so that in the long run, they get more REAL people following their stuff.

That's just not going to happen though if you're promoting crap. No one wants to vote for crap haha.

Also, I think some people who post really good content with lots of followers use bots. And like you said, I made peace with it. It's ok for me. Each person has their own free will and can do whatever they please, whatever is right for them.

I can only control myself and my reactions, so that is all I'll try in life. I can't control what other people do.

Anyway, people who promote good content with bots are actually also helping their curators earn more money, so if you think about it that way, that's also nice.

It does suck what you said about "advertisers" with more money being able to pay more, but that's just life. No matter how hard we try, things aren't equal. Hence why my parents always said "life isn't fair" when I was growing up haha.

It's like, someone who starts a steemit account with more money can automatically buy more SP. Same as someone with more money can choose to advertise and spend more on bots if they want. It is how it is.

Anyway, I like your story-telling style of writing. Good post. This part made me chuckle "Next stop was the Wallet. I always warn spouses to not look into the other’s wallet without permission. It may reveal more than you want to see."


people know now...that bots usually make you lose money, actually.

This is worth noting for those new to Steemit. Even though this post is archived, a new Steemian may read this months from now; and save themselves a few pennies. It's amazing how much people but into these bot pots.

Thanks for your reply @nomadicsoul!

Best regards!


I'm making an article that I can include it in as well. Good idea!

Great! The more we can get the message out to help those new to the community make informed choices, the better. ✌!