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We don't think viruses or computers are great, you can only ignore the center of your mind, your mind, your happiness and your dream.

When the viruses in the brain are cleared, people are born again.

This is not a reincarnation, you want to be a change of time and space!

Who doesn't want to be born again, who wants to look positive?

Cleaning viruses in the brain

What are the viruses in our brains?

These viruses are bad memories that temporarily disrupt the psychology of our lives.

Ends, but I have to forget the bad memories I need to forget.

We will kill those heroes with those memories ...

This motivation is when people wake up in the morning;

"Oh, I will be reborn today ..."

And it will be her second birthday.

Relive the memories you are looking for to store beautiful memories in an archive file.

Follow the procedure to draw your attention to your second birthday.

The sky, the sun, how beautiful the bear

Chirping of birds,

Inadequate temperature of the baby and the sound of the child,

Our flower smells

Nature balance animals and their friendship,

We're all about people and people.

We have to live in a temporary blindness in order not to see the negativities of all the individuals who are still living near our house.

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