What is musing and how to earn from it

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Many of us may have heard of Musing.io recently. If you didn't, you will learn from this post.

Musing is a question answering website built on top of steem blockchain

It's similar to quora but the thing is, it's decentralized and rewarding for questioning and answering. I was contributing there for a long and thought of sharing it with you guys so, that you guys can also join and get rewarded by contributing. You might seen some of the post which is done for musing. You can check my blog and you will find some of my contribution of answering questions.

You guys should also join. Just go to https://musing.io and sign in. Musing use steemconnect so it's fully safe to login. After loggin in you will find so many questions. Try to answer those question which you know. Musing have some curators. They checks question and rewarded the best answerer. You can also do questions over there. You will know all thing after login as the site is so simple and i hope it won't be that much hard to understand the functionality.

The answer or question you do there are published as comment from your steemit account. But if you wish to post an answer as a blog post, you can do so by check marking the box- Post to feed. Question's can't be posted from blog as it would be too short.
I will encourage you guys to join musing.

This is the end of my blog. Thanks for your time to read my blog.

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See you guys later.
Till then stay safe, be happy and keep doing good things.
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