Carnivore 75 Hard Redux: Day 21

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Nutrition & Healing

Well, I didn't fast all day today, either. I'm sticking to the OMAD thing pretty well, though. Maybe I should just be happy with that and not really worry too much about doing any longterm fasts.

My meal today was pretty much the same thing I've had most days lately, but presented a little differently. Instead of making burger patties, I just browned the ground beef in the skillet and seasoned it afterward. The benefit to this method is that I can save the rendered fat for use later. I don't really cook with it, but I do use it to season my skillet. Sometimes, I put just the tiniest bit on Stella's food to make it more enticing to her as well.


Day two of content from Jason Fung! This is a pretty good presentation that he gave at Low Carb Down Under. I'd definitely recommend giving it a view if you've got the time. He's got all sorts of insight into the benefits of fasting.


14,ooo+ steps today. Stella T. Dog and I did get in a walk, but it was a short one. If you want to read more about it, as usual, you can click on the image below and see my daily Actifit post. We both know you won't, though. 😃

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Bravo. Omad and 14k steps 👍👍👍👍 i would be too hungry to even do 10 steps on omad 🤪