Finding Release To The Tension Of Life

in #bloglast year

Sometimes I feel like my brain is filled with gears that are grinding and slipping. This feeling generally comes after I have been working long hours or have not gotten enough sleep.

I usually try to distract myself from this by engaging in leisure activities. Watching TV. Playing games. Browsing social media. While these activities can be fun and do distract me from the gears, I find that it does not solve the problem. After I am done with the activity, I become aware of the grinding gears again. I am beginning to realize that all of these activities still require my brain to be engaged in a state of tension.

The solution to tension is not more pleasurable tension; the solution is release. What are forms of release? Listening to your favorite music. Staring out the window. Looking at your favorite art. Anything that you can just sit back and appreciate. My next task is to figure out how to sit back and release the tension of life.