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RE: It started in a playground...

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Don’t feel bad about being a 2yo minnow. You gave so much helping out your extended family with your steem earnings when you could have just powered yourself up into dolphinhood instead.

You will not believe (or you probably would) how hard I laughed when you were so startled at receiving a book shaped object while knowing you had previously ordered a book 🤣

Finally having the book itself must be something special! Have you managed to find the time to read it yet or are you going to keep it in its pristine mint condition? And did @dreemit sign it for you? 😆

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Huh.. now that you mention it, I would have been a dolphin by now with that kind of earning at that bull market we were in haha! What a bittersweet feeling I'm experiencing right about now.

It had been so long that I've completely forgotten about it! I've published my own novel a while back but I've yet to hold a physical copy of it. I imagine the feeling would be similar. Since I've read every chapter of Reborn before, I'm currently keeping it in mint condition until the Dreemster finally signs this. For some reason, her packages/letters have been lost in the mail, so I'm just happy this one from Amazon went through!