[Keyboard Tutorial 2 ] How To Run "C" scale [ The Video]

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Hello steemians , I'm very happy we're progressing. Previous tutorial was [Keyboard Tutorial 1] Keyboard keys Labeling + How To Locate The "C Major" where we learnt how to identify your key C on the keyboard. And how the whole keys on the keyboard are noted . I believe you'd be able to identify the key c even when you're blindfolded ? Sure it's possible !!!! It's immediately before the two black keys just locate the two black keys then move your hand backward and down .👍 that's the code . 😂👍
Incase you missed the video on how to do it , kindly check it from our precious tutorial
[Keyboard Tutorial 1] Keyboard keys Labeling + How To Locate The "C Major"

Today I'm gonna be talking on how to run or play the C scale on the keyboard . The key C is the simplest key on keyboard, so i advice anyone learning the keyboard or the piano to start learning from the C.
From our last lecture , the key C consist of C, D, E, F, G, A, B and they are all white keys. But today we are running​ our C scale with 8 notes. From key C to another key C. That makes it C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C And they are all white 👍.

I have made separate videos on how to play the C scales with your right and left hand . Watch it below.

Playing with the Right hand

Playing with the left hand

I was playing the scale at the same time holding the 📷 camera 😂. I was too playful here , counting 1 , 2, 3 😂

Thank you all for stopping by 👍 let's watch this , practice it then wait for our next lecture .

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