Steemit Only: 10 Things You'll Learn About In My Upcoming Book

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I was so happy to be able to officially announce the full details of my upcoming book Stay Away From The Libertarians! So I wanted to sweeten the pot and give out some hints about the book in case you're on the fence (so then you can grab a copy on June 23rd on Amazon).

1. How can I be Mitt Romney's self-proclaimed "worst volunteer" if I didn't do anything in 2012?

2. How did I lose an election for club president of my high school's conservative club to the secretary of the school's Young Democrats?

3. How a fight over access to a bowl full of bacon led me to discover Students For Liberty.

4. The real Antifa movement started in 1966.

5. Why Hooters is the best indicator of a society's level of freedom.

6. How a 2015 GOP dinner in Alabama showed me Rand Paul wouldn't become President.

7. Alex Jones is always wrong until he's right...

8. Why Rick Santorum is the best example of the problems with government.

9. How some friends from Penn State inspired a wave of libertarian podcast creators.

10. What the curvy redhead from Mad Men can teach libertarians.

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Welcome to Steemit @remsorepublic :)

Thanks @voluntary-io! If you're into voluntaryism and agorism I think you'll love this book!