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in blog •  5 months ago

My heart is sad for the fathers who are stationed out there in other countries because the United States Government feels it pertinent to have bases in 180 countries around the world. For all the fathers who are asked to “defend” the country, when there really is no invasion of the United States going on. For all the fathers who may be forced to fire on other fathers, who think of themselves as defending their county from an invading army.

And especially for all the children who are waking up fatherless today because of the world order of violence, invasion, and war. Let the fathers of the world put down their arms and realize that a better world is a world of peaceful interaction. A world where no father has the “authority” to send another father to fight against other fathers, all defending what they perceive to be their fatherland. We are better than this. Peaceful interaction is the right way for this world. 96C1203E-2162-46C9-B340-97297EB223BB.jpeg

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