The heart speaks emotions.

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Human beings have never been able to take emotions out of the equation of life at least not in entirety. Every minute, someone out there is falling in love and someone else is falling out of love. It really doesn't matter how it all starts as there is no criteria for two people to fall in love with each other; it just happens. Although a variety of factors aids this to occur, in some cases, it really doesn't apply.

Many people in love have never been able to pinpoint why they are actually in love with their partners. Like Ed Sheeran would say in his song "... people fall in love in mysterious ways, maybe it's a touch of a hand...or maybe it's all part of a plan...". I would agree with him that love is mysterious, it's ways too. Have you ever seen a person and you feel automatically connected to him/her. Little wonder why a tall, handsome and rich man would not mind risking everything he has just to be with a woman who might have nothing or close to nothing. Or perhaps you would wonder why a sane young girl would fall in love with a man who is a drug addict; Love's way is beyond chemical reactions in the body.

Anyway, falling in love is the easy part, staying in love is the where the real 'deal' is. Like a friend of mine would say "after the butterflies have lost their wings, let's see how far they go". Obviously, everyone at one point has had a tinge of those euphoric feelings, in as much as we always want them to never end, they eventually do. Then, it boils down to the couple's ability to relate and communicate with each other. Some times, the love still lives but like a piece of firewood in the fireplace, it requires fuel; air, paper etc to keep it alive. Really, that's where the real work is. When the wind of challenges blow at the flame of love, how well can it withstand such challenges?

It doesn't take long for some people to give second thoughts on their 'supposed' love when they're faced with challenges; such challenges like communication, tolerating and keeping up with the other person's way of life and trusting the other person.

If and when love dies in a relationship, the result is usually one party who is hurt and the other who barely cares anymore or both parties developing hatred in the place of it's opposite. In some cases, one party tends to fall into depression which can eventually lead to taking drastic actions which may lead to death or serious harm to the other person. Which leaves me pondering why there's usually a thin line between love and hatred.

Anyway, love is a beautiful thing.
Love yourself first and then love all


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