The pillow that sold a 13

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Pieces, that is. Thirteen pieces.

My affiliate links for my Vida shop are up! (here)

Redbubble still has to approve my application, though I'm atleast approved for the overall affiliate program thingy they work through. Just have to wait for a little while longer there.

But hey, that Vida pillow I told you about, the only one of my designs over there that has sold? I'm all set there, so today I'm showing you the pillow that sold thirteen pieces while shamelessly throwing in affiliate links!

(Link to the page)

That's it. That's the one. The one that has gotten ordered every couple of months. I'm not quite sure what makes this one so special over my other things, but hey, a sale's a sale, right? I do like its looks.

It's the 'luster oblong' one, whereas the 'matte oblong' pillow hasn't sold even once:

(Link to the page)

Almost the same, except for a little nudge. And there's the luster vs matte thing ofcourse. To be honest, I think I prefer the matte one myself.

I like the design. I like the colors in it most of all. It wasn't hard to make, but so far it has worked out perfectly. It's my best selling piece. I also added the design to various other products, of which I mostly like the shirt:

(Link to the page)

Later, I decided to also create the pillow in other colors. Pink, blue, yellow, orange, and the one I like most after the red one, green:

(Link to the page)

I wonder if the other colors will sell aswell.

Since then, I've uploaded many other designs and also a couple of pictures. Vida's webshop has improved a little since I just joined them.

When I first joined them, I guess over a year ago now, I uploaded a couple of pictures there, placed them on a few products and checked out the front of my shop. I clicked through the images there and found out that aside from the product images, they also displayed my entire picture as a seperate image. Not only that, but when I right-clicked it and opened it in another window, my picture appeared in a pretty big format. Not ideal at all! I know I can't completely combat people stealing my images (don't be rude and just don't steel pictures!), but Vida made stealing my images a little too easy for my taste. So I took down every product there and wrote to them about it. I received an elaborate answer about how they safeguarded our images and they told me they'd look into the right-clicking thing. Since then, I decided to only upload designs.

Up until a couple of days ago, that's what I did. I only uploaded simple designs to Vida. Ones that weren't very useful for anyone to steal. Then, I checked out a product page again. Yes, the example image of the design was still there (in a low resolution, discouraging stealing), but when right-clicking it, I could no longer open it in another window. They fixed it! And now, they also offer canvas prints for sale, so I decided to upload a couple of my pictures and they are now proudly displayed in my Vida shop alongside the various designs.

The overall front page for my Vida shop looks pretty messy, but I can't do anything about that. People will have to filter by products so they can more easily see all of my designs. There's a couple I'm not too fond of, but overall, I do think there's a few nice ones there. I might remove a couple of the designs, but uploading new ones is my main priority for now. I still have plenty more to upload, but it takes a long time. The newest designs I uploaded yesterday took me 1,5 hours. And that's to place two designs on almost all of the products. Thinking about the 30-ish designs I still have and the other ideas in my head I still have to work out... Gosh, it'll take forever!

Alright, just a few more images and links, because I am quite happy with how well this relatively simple design turned out (and it took me all of last night to get them live):

(Link to the page)

(Link to the page)

(Link to the page)

Usually I don't like the shirts with a simple square image, but for this design, it works! It's all about the colors for this one! I am a bit of a fan of the red/grey combination. Wear it all the time. Yes, a simple design, but definitely one of my favorites already.

Wow, I think this was my first post dedicated to my Vida shop! I don't think I really wrote much about my designs and experience there before today. I usually show my Redbubble stuff. It's because of my first bad impression of Vida due to the easy picture stealing method I guess. It put Vida on the back burner for me a little bit. Until I sold a couple of pillows... and then a couple more... I still had to see them actually pay out the money, so I guess that's the reason I waited so long to share links here. The payout takes a long time over there, but it does happen. I've received the money for the first couple of pillow sales and the payout for the others is pending for the next time.

I'm happy to have both Redbubble and Vida to share my things. Vida works well for a couple of designs, but so far I mostly use it for pattern designs. Redbubble works perfectly for pictures and other designs. It's a good match, having the two of them!

Now to just upload the rest of my portfolio to both of the sites... oh and I also started uploading to a third site... and there's also EyeEm, which still only holds part of my good pictures... and there's the site I want to build... and the other one...

I think I'll go lie on the couch now...

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Need to check all of these websites now... tell me something, how much have you made through the websites? any good amount? I guess i can do it part time if i ever need it


I haven't made much at all really. I haven't started advertisement yet, so I'm not sure how much I could earn if I do start that, but without advertisement, I think I make about €20/30,- in a year. Mainly through the sales of that one pillow this year. I've only really started spending more time on it this year aswell. Might do the whole advertisement thing eventually, once I fill up the shops and make a good landing page.

The pillow with an extraordinary design caught my attention, first I thought that it is a shadow of a tree behind window that on the pillow but then recognise this nice pattern. That really looks beautiful, I do not like monochrome bedlcothes but also do not like a lot of pattern. The colour that you said the most sold is really very attractive and I can understand people who chosen them.

Thank you for your thoughts about the Vida shop and was really nice to hear your daily routine, your concerns, the style you write is open and stright, it is like just chatting to you, @playfulfoodie.


Hi there @stef1, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment. I am so happy your thoughts on my writing style :-)

Hello @playfulfoodie, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Hi there @creativecrypto, I'm so happy you stopped by! To be honest, I don't think I've stumbled upon your page before, so I'll head over and check it out right now :-)