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It has taken me a couple of days, but it's time for me to check in!

I would love to be able to show you my new home. However, I've been trying to upload pictures, but it's not working. I guess my connection is too crappy to be able to upload pictures.

It's understandable, seeing as I'm working on my husband's phone internet right now and it's not stable at all. We won't have our own internet connection until the 16th, so I'll have to make due until then.

(Managed to upload a small one on a hosting site. Sneak peak!)

It's a real shame, because I was really looking forward to showing you our new place. It's so awesome and peaceful and green and lovely and all of those other positive adjectives.

I'm sitting on our new loungeset in the garden and aside from a car or a couple of bikers now and then, all I hear are birds. Well that, and my washing machine. Happy to finally have that thing running.

Sometimes birds will visit our garden and rummage through the dead leaves on the grass. Eventually we want to get a little bird bath for them.

Well, instead of showing you our own little slice of heaven, I guess I'll talk about what we've been up to!

A week ago on wednesday, we received the keys to this place. I talked about that in my last post. We drove over here twice in the next days to move over some of our stuff and smaller furniture. On saturday was the big move! My mother in-law's partner has a big van/truck for his own company and he helped us out that day to move over our bigger furniture. He then took my husband with him to pick up the loungeset we ordered, while my mum and I headed over to Ikea to gather and buy the tv furniture and couch we wanted. We waited outside for the guys to load the items into the truck. I was happy we had both of them to help us out that day. My father in-law helped out a lot with the heavy lifting aswell!

Mum and I build the couch that day and hubby build the loungeset. It was a pain to build that one, which reviewers had already warned about, but now that it's done, I'm so happy we have it. It's beautiful and so comfy!

Mum stayed over that first night, because she was too tired to drive back home. We put our Ikea building skills to good use the next day by building the tv furniture, after which she went home.

Since then, we've spend plenty of time unpacking, but also relaxing and enjoying our new garden. We went to the amusement park a couple of times too.

The house is quite small compared to our previous place, but we have plenty of storage space around the house. It took me a while to figure out where to put everything, but by now, most things are unpacked and settled into their new home. There's still some unpacking left and still some stuff left at our old place, but there's enough storage space left.

Our computers are installed and still working properly, but I'm not using mine until we have internet access. I'm typing this on my netbook, which has wi-fi, so it can use hubby's phone's hotspot. Hubby's on his pc though, he has some offline games to keep him busy. It's a relaxing way for him to pass some time, so I'm happy he's able to do this during his vacation days.

The weather has been amazing! I talked about it starting a couple days too soon, but this beautiful weather has been here to stay all week and will stay for atleast another week too! During the day, it soon becomes too hot to stay in the sun for long, but with plenty of shade for our loungeset, we can still spend plenty of time outside. It's been hard on the garden though. No rain at all. I have to water the plants each evening, but that's fine. No rain also means the grass isn't growing, so no need to mow. It's pretty yellow by now though.

Anyway, we still have plenty of things to do or small items to get. We'll enjoy our little vacation in our new home before real life kicks in again. And even once it does, we'll still be in our new home. Forever on vacation.

I feel like the luckiest woman alive!

Hope you're all doing well! Not sure when I'll check in again, but I'll be back to regular postings once we have our own internet access set up!

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It sounds wonderful @playfulfoodie and that the move went really well.

And on top of that you've still got great weather to enjoy it all.

What a contrast to those cold long days last winter that you felt would never end. You must be pinching yourself.

I'm so happy for you both! 😍

You must be pinching yourself.

Definitely! It's still hard to believe this is really our new home. I feel so lucky!

Thank you so much! I hope you're doing well :-)

Grats on your place and the birdies!

Congrates dear on your new home.hope you will find some more happiness here.good luck

Thank you for telling us about your impressions, Marian! I tried to upload an​ image in the commentary today and it did not work for me either

Yeah, turns out it might have been a Steemit problem! I was able to upload pictures today and am still on the same phone network :D

Congrats on your new home that you've been wanting for a while now! 🎉

Haven't checked in a while, congrats on the place!!! It sounds awesome! Get that internet ASAP, how else can you play online games!

Thanks, it really is awesome! Internet shouldn't be too long now, one more week tops. I play Ark in the meanwhile, so it's all good :D

true, this is really a peaceful place, surrounded by a green atmosphere. You better look at the natural surroundings and listen to the sounds of nature. Here is where you will find the past life before entering an age from the consequences of the industrial revolution that ruled the world.

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