A tired foodie's whine fest

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I'm having an energy-less week.

Header sunrise

It's understandable, because my monthly blegh days are here. Besides that though, our horrible internet connection is draining away any positive energy I've got left.

I've been very enthousiastically creating new designs and I very much want to upload them to various shops. However, our internet connection is horribly slow and unstable, which means uploading designs takes for-ev-er! Sure, Vida's a pain to upload to either way, but adding the extra waiting time for each product makes it unbearable. I haven't yet had the pleasure of uploading to Threadless through a good internet connection, so I'm not sure how much slowness is on our end and how much is on theirs, but I'd love to be able to blame them, instead of us.

I've had contact with our provider many, many times, through many different channels, but they just refuse to help us! Either we get someone who doesn't know shit, or we get someone who promisses us a call back within a few days (which never happens), or we get someone who says 'Oh, it's not available for you' while the site clearly states it is, or we get someone who says 'Oh, too much capacity, it's full', which is honestly a crap argument overall, but by now, they renewed their tower thingy, so it can't be that anymore!


Oh, by the way, for all the Dutchies out there, I'm talking about KPN. KPN is the horrible provider with even more horrible customer service.

KPN is the bad guy! ...Ehm... company!

So far, we've had contact with one capable person, out of the 15 or so we've talked to so far. The one capable person was the mechanic who came and fixed our base internet connection. He did a good job, he was helpful and he advised us to call after office hours for the additional speed we want, because otherwise we'd probably be talking to incapable people who wouldn't be able to help us.

Nice, right? The extra advice? Sadly, he overestimated his other co-workers.

Their Facebook person atleast is a nice person to talk to and he/she really tries to set us up with the right people. I just don't understand how it can be so hard. How horrible must their company structures be? I mean, honestly, I'm still looking for a job. Hire me to fix your shit already.


So as you can see, I'm annoyed. And tired. It's not a good combo.

I messaged the Facebook person again just now, so we'll see how that goes. I was thinking of doing an open message on their page again, but skipped that part and went straight to private messaging. There's plenty of people already complaining openly, so I figured my whining won't be needed for a bad reputation.

I've got more cheerful things to talk about, honestly. I'm just not very inspired right now. I took pictures of many things. I have to share them with their accompanying story. I made new designs. Well, adjusted the skull mainly. Created an awesome new color mix. I still want to show that. But hey, I still have to upload half of this stuff and even more things for Vida.

Oh, but let's get back to the subject of bad news. I called for a job posting I saw yesterday. Turns out their 'nice to haves' are the reasons they didn't go for the previous candidates. Seeing as I don't match those 'nice to haves' either, I told her I won't be applying for the job. Figured it'd be a waste of time for both of us.

Well, I don't feel well enough for a job anyway, but when I see a good match close to home, I do still try to apply.

Right, I'll end this whining fest on a good note:

I'm level 120 in World of Warcraft!

And that with only a couple of deaths due to disconnects.

Oh yes, time to be happy again!

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Internet connection issues are always soooo frustrating @playfulfoodie.

When that was happened to me I used to get all my design files ready and then o into town once a week, either to a cafe with good connection or the library, if it was quiet, and then upload there.

Even if it took longer than at home on a good day I enjoyed relaxing and browsing the books or reading one in the cafe or doing some other work that didn't require the internet, and it was a far less frustrating experience.

Fortunately we've had fewer problems recently but we had a bad day and couple of weeks ago and after huffing and puffing for a couple of hours I bit the bullet and went into town. It was a far better experience.

It's good that you're getting plenty of designs done anyway. 😁

Hope you have a fun day!


When that was happened to me I used to get all my design files ready and then o into town once a week, either to a cafe with good connection or the library, if it was quiet, and then upload there.

What a smart way to go about it! I'm thinking very hard on where I could go to do this exact same thing, but I'm having trouble coming up with a place within cycling distance. Hubby always takes the car to work, so I'm a little limited in my options here. The park we're on isn't big enough to have its own, active center, so I'd have to look for it outside of our direct neighbourhood.

Fortunately we've had fewer problems recently

Happy to hear this atleast!

It's good that you're getting plenty of designs done anyway.

Yeah, I'm enjoying it and re-learning how to use photoshop! I'm not too great at drawing my own images though, so I have to look for works that are free for commercial use and edit those to fit the idea in my head.

Hope you have a fun day too!

I know how you're feeling in terms of dumb internet connection and even worse customer service. But hey, you got to level 120 on WoW and that's cool! I'm barely level 10 since I started a couple of weeks ago! Now that's a lotta work and something you should feel proud of!

Wow that's a high level lol 120

I can relate to feeling bleh, feeling low energy. Those monthly blehs aren't the most fun, but take advantage of the low energy and relax with some essential oils. I always manage to convince Frank to give me a back rub during that time, so there are up sides ;)

Take it easy, my friend. Rest well.


Thanks @binkyprod! I try to take it easy during those days, but then I end up with ideas in my head and I'm right back on the pc, working my head too hard. I'll try to do better again next month :D


Hehe, I know what that's like, having too many ideas in my head. Sometimes just jotting down ideas and taking notes for later helps ;)


Sometimes just jotting down ideas and taking notes for later helps

Yes! I've been doing that more lately and at the very least it helps keep my head clearer :D


Yes! I keep getting lsot so much and so often these days. I need to renue my Bach flower remedies, they help a little bit, and a little bit is a lot.