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I am airing this place out!

Header sunrise

And I do mean this literally. I've got the door and window open to bring in some fresh air into the cabin. I'll make a fire after that to warm the place up. Figured it can't be all that healthy for us to keep everything shut every day. I'm sure there are some creaks here to bring in some fresh air, but I wanted to go big!

Today is the first day towards a nice and warm weekend. Tomorrow we'll do some garden work, so I'm happy for this perfect timing. But first, my mum's coming over for dinner again tonight, yay!

I'll tell you about yesterday though. I've had such a productive day! Besides the regular laundry business, I also decided to continue emptying out the kitchen of my boyfriend's dad's stuff. I managed to pack up everything now, after which I grabbed the vacuum cleaner to clear out all of the mouse droppings.

I sure do hope they're not coming back!

I re-ordered some things and now we have a kitchen that only contains our own things! With some room to spare for all of the kitchen items we still need to move over from my old home. I'm so happy I finally finished that little project!

While I was at it, I figured I could also clear out the last of the stuff from our bedroom. So I packed up all of my boyfriend's dad's stuff there aswell, brought it all to the storage space next to our kitchen, and yay! The bedroom is now completely ours aswell!

Now I still have the livingroom to go. There are two cabinets that need to be emptied and some decoration and furniture that I want to clear out. It's my next project, but I'll give myself a break today. Got enough to do tomorrow.

Besides cleaning up the garden at my old home, I also want to bring back more stuff with us. Which reminds me, I need to text my boyfriend to ask if we can borrow his mum's car tomorrow. We'd be able to bring bigger furniture in that case. Oh well, we'll have to drive over there plenty of times yet, so lots of opportunities to take some things with us.

So I did some cleaning up yesterday, but I also made a salad for dinner. And for that salad, I used half a can of peaches, which left me with the other half. This is what I did with the other half:


I made candy!

I'll write up the recipe later, but it was really quite easy. Gotta keep it for a seperate post though, so I can easily find it myself in the future. It'll also be added to my food blog at some point.

There's not a big taste explosion like some candy, but they do taste like candy, so I think it is a win. The other big win is that they can survive outside of the freezer, without disintegrating into a sticky pile of goo... Compared to my previous candy making experiment, this is a big step up!

Today, I'll be making my salad again, but this time, with mango. I won't have left-overs there though, so no new candy today.

Right, I think I've gone on long enough!

Have a good day!

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Good Morning and ALways be Happy.💕

You are really making progress! Looking forward to the candy recipe :0)


Yes, I'm very happy I was so productive yesterday! Will post the recipe soonish I think :-)


Cool, I love sweets!

Airing a place has its ups. :c)

Just be certain that you don't get more than you bargained for. ^_^


I guess it'd reduce the odds of mice returning... :cP

Congrats on your successful candy experimentation. :c)


Oooh free pet! :D

Oooh Candy!
Looking forward to seeing the recipe babe.

I'm here for your peach candy recipe! :D

It's nice to have a productive cleaning day, it can be very soothing. Except laundry, lol I'd rather clean my whole house than do that.


Yet the laundry never seems to end... :D

Probably won't have time to post about the candy today, but it'll come soon!


I see your candy post! Congrats on tackling that laundry xD

I have been wanting to air my place for ages since it's been raining like a mother!


Oh bah! Yeah, we've had loads of rain aswell the last weeks. Luckily, we'll get some sun the next days :D

Wow! You are a pretty awesome writer:) Very nice and clean effort! Keep rocking and keep writing and steeming. Have a Good Day!


Aww thank you :-)

Looking forward to seeing the recipe for the candy! I'm looking forward to see what's in it!


Hardly anything really! I'll try to post it soon, though I don't think I'll manage today.