Macro Photography ~ Bird

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)

I enjoy practicing #macrophotography using an iPhone. Glad my nephew's pet is cooperating. LOL

***Images are my own***
Camera: Camera+ iOS app
Edited with PhotoCollage iOSapp

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This one is visible 😋✅

Thank You for checking! You can check you own blog list if your 8 days older posts if are still there. 😂

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Big thanks! 💃💋❤️

nice post and pic
Dont forget to upvote follow & resteem

💃 thanks

ah kagaling nmn ng batang ari magpicture., naka otso kaagad..

Salamat! Next time kakanta ako haha joke 😆

saan na kanta mo?., hahaha

Upload failed 😂😂😂

hahahaha sunod hindi na ma failed yan.,

It's a nice photo, but it's definitely not a macro.

The pigeon is a bit far from me and I use macro feature of Camera+ iOS app to look the bird near, what is it then???

I would call it a close-up. Macrophotography is different from that. Check out these winners for instance :

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

These photos look like normal but they are actually smaller if I did not use the macro feature/setting because of distance. 😊 So the photo here is not a macro also even I used macro camera setting? -->>

That photo a lot closer to macro yes😊.

It's because the pigeon is in my hand. 😂

Ang ganda naman!

Salamat po! 💃💋

What kind of bird is that? Really good shots of it!

Thank You! It's #pigeon. 😊

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