Photocircle Digest: "Fill the Frame"

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In the previous articles of Photocircle Digest, we keep emphasizing the need for positioning the subject to make it standout from its background or to make it more prominent among the other elements of the image. In addition, we have also pointed out the impact of an image with a simplified composition.

For this new article, I would like to take this idea and bring the subject to the "edge" and literally simplify the approach of the composition. Literally to the edge of the frame, yes you got it right. Let's get the subject to completely dominated the whole frame of the image. Well, this might not work all the time in all cases however, there are specific instances that it will radically uplift the impact the photo.

Let's start by elaborating the goal for this kind of composition.

Firstly, we wanted to eliminate the other elements within the scene that is trying to compete for the viewer's attention. By doing so, we can ensure that the subject would clearly depict the meaning of the image. In addition, there are instances that even though that the other elements are less of an impact to the picture, it's still best to eliminate to fully acquire the viewer's attention.

Aside from the attention's viewer, by filling the frame with the subject, we are also injecting the idea of 'mystery" to the picture. There are instances that the subject is showing some emotion. If in the image, the source of the emotion is clearly visible in the picture, the viewer's understanding of the picture is already satisfied - which is good.

But how about getting the viewer's attention and allow the viewer's attention to navigate more through the image. By eliminating the source of the subject's emotion and make the image look mysterious, we are indirectly implying the need for the viewer to further imagine the story of the picture. Basically, the subject is still showing an emotion, it's just that the element that might have cause the emotion is not present in the photo. It will make the viewer to kind of imagine what could have cause the subject's imagination.

It's like playing with the viewer's imagination in a creative way. Of course, it would be better if the subject's emotion is legitimate so that the viewer will have the sense of it.

The last thing that I wanted to point out with this kind of approach in composition is the fact that we as humans has a tendency to be distracted easily. We seldom focus on a single element knowing that are many other things to see in a short period of time. We tend to analyze each and every element of a picture which can result to us getting lost in translation.

Our attention is less likely to focus on a deeper sense of things if there too many things at hand, basically we tend to divide our attention. And so a good way to address this is to simply showcase the element that we wanted to present and convey the meaning directly to the viewer.


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