Catch Up: Steemit Anniversary .. Ish! A Selection Of My First Posts & Details About My Upcoming Work

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Catch Up

I hope that everyone is well and enjoying a good week? Firstly, apologies for missing #musicmonday. I was working away for a couple of days, returned home early (to an empty house) to find my wife had baked some lovely biscuits (which I duly ate) only to later discover they were made from duck eggs (which I'm allergic to) and was subsequently very ill! Aside from that, I wanted to have a little catch-up and assure people that I am still about and offer a heartfelt thank you to all that support and read my posts.

I've been really busy with work, renovations and writing my book, so haven't been around as much as I'd like. Alongside my book, I was planning to write some shorter posts but recent events have prompted me to (temporarily) put the book to one side and write a big new article. I was always planning on writing the post I'm working on and although I was going to delay it until after the book, I keep being distracted by the concept and feel as though I should follow my intuition and finish the article. Equally, the scope of my book is exponentially growing and as such, I can't see it being finished for some time.


Early Work

I've also been writing on #steemit for approaching two years (give or take a couple of months :D) and so I have decided to link some of my first posts below. When I joined the platform I hadn't written anything (apart from taking notes) for over twenty years, and so you will have to forgive my rustiness. Where the pictures or videos I added have been removed from the net, I have amended and updated the posts .. plus I have added a couple of extra references on one or two of them. Although steempeak is the best way to view my posts for some reason it doesn't seem to be displaying the gifs (hopefully just a temporary blip). I feel these images are integral to the reading experience (my vision) so I have also added the steemit link in case you can't read the posts in their entirety.


1)It's Alive: Building The Brain Of The Internet & Cyberspace Wars For The Soul Of Humanity: My first choice is a philosophical hypothesis that focuses upon the possibility of a future biological/digital artificially intelligent internet brain that draws us into a hive mind. I discuss the technology behind this premise, and explore how the nature of duality and the age old battle between good and evil is now playing out in cyberspace.

2)Ancient Time Cycles On The Edge Of Tomorrow: Within this post, I envisage the universe as akin to an intricate timepiece .. a macro/micro system of interconnected cogs/cycles that power a universal engine. I also tie ancient time cycles into rhythm's of consciousness and patterns of precession and Milankovich glacial cycles. I relay this information against solar, magnetic, volcanic and water pulse cycles and explore how these concepts could connect to a Grand Solar Minimum.

3)The Great Swine Flu Swindle: My third choice was a post that was not intended as a debate on vaccines, it was intended (whichever side of the argument you're on) to make people ponder the wisdom behind an enforced immunisation schedule. Anyway, (if you feel inclined) then see what you think:

4)The Divide & Conquer Of Identity Politics & Electronic Thought Ghetto's: Within this post I discuss the facade of identity politics and reveal my belief that such political ideologies are akin to division masquerading as inclusivity. I also discuss historical context and how a social media fuelled indentitarian landscape is isolating the individual perspective, and seperating us into thought ghetto's and echo chambers.

5)Adventures In Inner Space & Prisons Of Perception: Within this post I discuss the potential of a quantum mind, the nature of frequency, consciousness, and how many of us remain prisoners of our five senses, an oft externally created/manipulated perceptual reality and the belief systems of our peers.

6)Into The Void - Hermes Paradox And The Inversion Of reality: In post number 6 we delve into technological philosophy and deep hypothesis. I follow the concept of Moore's law from humble beginnings through to post singularity and beyond! We travel through the communication quickening, through the fast approaching 4th industrial revolution, the singularity, on towards the compression of space, time, energy and matter, and then arrive at the transcension hypothesis. I also have a running theme where I parallel some of these ideas against the work of Stanley Kubricks 2001 A Space Odyssey.

7)Riots Raves & Criminal Justice Bills: Within this post I describe my first hand experiences on the frontlines of the UK's illegal rave culture, I ponder that after the hippies, MOD's, Rockers, Punks etc etc .. whether this was last true rebellion of youth. I discuss the raves, the riots, the hippies, travellers, the shocking police violence at the battle of the beanfield and the authoritarian fightback against this counter culture. Indeed, the post culminates with a full scale riot on the streets of London and outside the gates of Downing Street.

8)Brexit: Hung, drawn and Quartered: Now this was pretty much my first post on #steemit and (open letter aside) one of the first articles I'd written in twenty years! It's sobering to note (that whichever side of the fence you sit) two years later we are still in the same state of limbo .. although I will state that the open letter was written the night before the vote.


Final Thoughts

I should have my post written in the next couple of weeks, plus I'm hoping to free up a little bit of time to get out for a long hike and take some pictures. Once I've finished working on my post I'll continue to work on my book, but I'll also be sharing some shorter posts/ideas, and of course #musicmonday will be back next week. Hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend (well it's nearly Friday) and you're beginning to enjoy the first rays of spring sunshine. It's a mad old world out there, but it's also a beautiful one and I hope you find some time to enjoy it. Speak soon!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post .. or posts ;)


Written by perceptualflaws
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I missed this when you first posted it, really glad to see it now and lad to hear that you are feeling better. I am such a big fan of your writing and I am so glad that you are on here sharing your thoughts, your wisdom with us all. There are a few articles here that I have not read so will be bookmarking this so that I can read them in the coming days.
Looking forward to your upcoming hike photos. Much love my friend xx

Much better now thank you @trucklife-family .. hope you've managed to find some posts you liked, I joined #steemit after a twenty-year break from writing, so I was very rusty .. although I did enjoy reading through them again and it inspired me to write a sequel to ancient time cycles post. I can't wait to get out again, and I can't wait to be able to write outside .. on the moors or in the forest, I've been climbing the walls! Take care my friend and speak soon!

Great to have all of these in one post! Just read your brexit posts and am so delighted that we are on the same page on that one. I voted against joining in the 70's and to leave nearly 3 years ago, with little expectation that we'd actually ever get to leave whatever the result. The world gets a little scarier every month that passes. Stay safe and well and write ;)

Hey @ricia hope you've been well? Ha cheers, I just grabbed a few of my first proper posts, interesting to read back :) Yeah, I'd already had about ten years of researching the eu under my belt before the vote came around, so it was an easy one for me. lol It can be a crazy old world .. but there is still much beauty amongst it and still far more good than bad people. :) Thankyou and likewise good health to you. :) Hopefully you'll like what I've been working on ;)

Thank you for my now weekend reading, and tell the wife Ketamine in a large dose works better, it gets the job done swiftly, only joking bro, have a superb weekend.

Ha thanks dude .. I think! lol Funnily enough, I was literally just reading an article about how they have turned ketamine into a nasal spray and are using it to fight depression! You learn something new everyday :) Have a great weekend my friend .. just noticed your gift, thank you for the crypto :)

Most welcome, and we were sticking that stuff up our noses and down our throats in the 90's, it does not take a scientist to tell me how good it made me feel lol. :-)

Hear hear

Posted using Partiko Android

Haha .. my mate sent me a picture taken after a party in Goa and they had litter picked the area and piled the k bottles in one heap .. it was about four feet high! lol If like my friend (he was the excessive type) and you get a bit of a taste for it ... then it can turn your pee to plasma .. scary thought! lol

Thanks for the heads up bro .. I've not heard of this one before. :)

I am all over it/ :-)

You are a brilliant writer and I look forward to reading your upcoming post. I don't think I've read all the posts you recommended so, like @shepz I thank you for some weekend reading.

Take it easy my friend

Thanks dude, much appreciated .. hope you've been well? We'll have to catch up on discord soon :) I've been on and off here over the last few months and I was also locked out of discord (password retrieval issue) so not sure if you read my last big post .. if not I think it will be of interest to you. Have a great weekend my friend and speak soon .. post below:

Good to hear you're ok. I kept refreshing your blog page on Monday wondering if next, the world would stop turning. (I am agnostic on the shape of the earth question, so flat earth people, please don't flag me;)

I'm delighted with the back-catalogue. Though we joined Steemit in the same month, so I've likely already savoured each one of your well-chosen words, they definitely bear repeated reading.
(end of sycophantic rant)

Thank you my friend .. feeling much better now, I was literally just sitting down to start #musicmonday when the wave of sickness hit me .. and boy did it hit me!! Needless to say, my wife wasn't too popular lol

I hope you manage to find some posts you haven't read .. I quite enjoyed reading through some of them again .. seeing how some of my ideas had altered or grown, I had always planned my writing to take the reader on a journey that (over time) would grow in complexity and detail. Have a great weekend @deirdyweirdy

Glad you’re doing better my friend! That’s unfortunate that you accidentally ate something you’re allergic to, but glad you’re back on your feet!

Thanks for the links to your old posts! I will absolutely try to read at least some of them, hopefully all of them!

It’s warming up thankfully, it’s been a long winter for us, sickness after sickness! (Kids, germ magnets lol). Look forward to music Monday, cheers!

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Thanks dude .. yeah I only seem to have developed this allergy in the last few years and I've never been allergic to anything before so I don't know where it's come from .. but I do know it's not good! lol

I may be a little rusty on some of the posts .. plus I'd always intended my writing to take the reader on a journey that would slowly grow in complexity, but I enjoyed reading through them again .. and really like some of the ideas in my ancient time cycles post, I'd forgotten about it .. but I'd like t do a sequel at some point. I'm with you on the sickness front .. it's been the same at my house, so I'm enjoying spring flowers and (occasional lol) sunshine. Hope you have a great weekend @cmplxty

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Colleague writer? Now I am also working on a similar book. However, I have no struggle between good and evil. The action takes place in the virtual space of the future. The main character stays with his rival.
His enemy: honest, noble, intelligent, strong and generous. They are simply on different sides of the conflict. In the book I raise a very difficult question. When your enemy is not absolute evil. When both of you are fighting for good.
For example, the main character has the task of earning money. These funds he needs for the adoption of the neighbors of his sister and brother.
The hero's antipode also has a rather noble goal. If they had met earlier before the start of the war, they could have just been friends. But there is a war. As a result, two noble and strong people are compelled, having mutual respect, to engage in mutual destruction.
Naturally, the first part of the book has already been published in Russian. Because so freely set out the plot. My authorship of the idea is fully enshrined.
The book raises an extremely important and relevant problem. During the war, good and good people become heroes. They are jealous and even worshiped. For such a retribution with its essence. In the course of the novel, the character of the characters changes, it is deformed. From smiling and open-minded people, they become rather cynical paranoids. The question is, what about the world? Even if you get this world, but in the end you lose yourself.
I understand English very poorly. You could not more accurately describe your book? What is the plot? What should she teach the readers?

Hey my friend .. I've always thought your grasp of English was pretty good! Certainly better than my grasp of Russian! lol Your book sounds very interesting, you will have to let me know when it is finished. My book is going to be pretty complex, so it's a little difficult to explain the synopsis .. but I'll think of the best way and get back to you. Thanks for the comment.

Unfortunately, in addition to the questionnaire brochure about a prisoner of war, I do not speak. We are representatives of the imperial peoples. You and I do not need to learn a foreign language, barbarians always learn our languages. For communication using computer programs.
I can send the first book now. For this it is necessary to give links to electronic libraries. Paper format does not make sense to send. I need permission for that. Otherwise, it will look like spam. Send links to your book, without the permission of the author the book is not very beautiful.

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I missed this post! I need a big sounding alarm every time you post something!! This is awesome - I love your writing!