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Obviously, I couldn't have done this without you!

To end up with over 10K followers already after previously never really being online is huge for @papa-pepper. Recently, on my trip to Texas to hook up with @xtrodinarypilot, I hit 10,000 followers. This puts @papa-pepper in the top 20 for all of steemit, which is insane.

First off, I wanted to thank all of you, as it truly means a lot to me. When I first started, I never thought that somehow I would be catapulted into the forefront of this community, or that I would be able to meet so many wonderful people from all around the world, not only online, but in real life too!

However, it is not without difficulty or concern that I reach such milestones as this...


According to this source, here is a definition of "substainability:"

the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

I use that word in reference to our steemit blogs these days. Many of our blogs have grown rather nicely, even to the point that they seem almost unmanageable at times. How in the world can 10,000 steemians follow @papa-pepper, and how can he possibly interact with and support them all? That is exactly the question with which I am frequently faced.

It is the purpose of this post to share a few of my recent thoughts on the subject. Hopefully, some of what I share will bless you, and maybe you may even have some good insight for me on the matter.


So many times, especially recently, I have been receiving "complaint comments." Though they vary slightly, the basic story is the same, and goes something like this: "I upvote and resteem your posts, but you do not upvote and resteem mine."

Trust me, I realized early on in my steemit interaction that there would never be a way that I could support everyone who supported me. Truth be told, most of my post preparation and other activities are done offline, and my actual time online each is not all that much. Often it is spent trying to post, reply to comments, curate, and encourage others. Still, there is no way that I can upvote everyone or even reply to every comment that I receive.

There are certainly some longtime steemians like @kus-knee, @gringalicious, @rigaronib and others that I would like to support by upvoting every post that they make. Their posts are always professional, original, and quite frankly I want to support the person behind the account, and not just their specific posts. However, as they can testify, I rarely make my way over these days.

Also, there are tons of newer users joining our community every day, and I would like to meet and support many of them too, but my time is limited. I still have to get work done, raise my family, sleep, work on building my homestead, and other tasks. Now, more than ever, I admit that I cannot get around, curate, comment, and interact as much as I would like to .

For this reason I must remind people that activities like following, upvoting, and resteeming are voluntary and not obligatory. No one is required to follow you back if you follow them, or resteem your posts if you resteem theirs, or upvote you if you upvote them. If the sole purpose of you following, upvoting, or resteeming the @papa-pepper account is so that I will do the same to you, you will most likely be very disappointed. That is the truth of the matter.

If you choose to follow, upvote or resteem me, I thank you. If not, you are free to choose to do so as well.


Of the over 10,000 accounts following @papa-pepper, 4591 of those are "dead followers" according to http://steemit.deadfollowers.info/, a handy tool created by @mynameisbrian. That means that although 10,000 is a great, big, milestone number, only 5475 of those accounts have posted in the last month. I realize that just because they have not posted doesn't mean that they are still not "active" in the community on some level, but I wanted to compare voting for a moment.

Many accounts post more than once a day, and many others far less than once a day. However, let's imagine that each of my "active followers" posted once per day on average. While I could vote on each of over 5000 posts on a daily basis, I guarantee that I could not actually read them or make a comment on them. Simply put, there is just not enough of me to go around.

If I used an autovoter bot, I could just upvote each person that I follow with a tiny %, but I curate manually. How then should I even try to support others and encourage them?


My solution now is the same that it has been for months. In an attempt to bless, support, encourage, inspire, and interact with as many steemians as possible I try to give back in many ways.

Many of the gifts that I have sent to others are just that. Whether it is T-shirts, peppers, garden seeds, or even the STEEM "COMMUNITY" Silver Rounds, I am always hard at work shipping things out to other steemians all around the world. I still have some shirts and Silver rounds to get out too. Obviously, I cannot ship a free present to everyone in the world, but I certainly do a lot of it anyway.

The other main way that I try to bless others is by running contests. As @quinneaker noticed, my contests are a bit different from a lot of other contests. You never need to follow me, upvote the post, or resteem the post to enter. You don't even need to like me. All you need to do is follow the rules and you could win.

I have literally given away thousands of dollars worth of prizes in my time on steemit, all because I wanted to. For me, it was just a small token of my appreciation for this community and platform. Though I may not make it over to your post and upvote it, you are still free to try to win as much STEEM and SBD as you want from my own personal wallet.


While every steemian is free to choose how to use their upvotes, they are also free to choose how to use their down votes, AKA flags. Personally, I have never flagged another steemian.

Though I certainly have seen some things that are "flag-worthy" I have chosen to not personally downvote others. Many of the same comments that you see being made on my posts are often flagged on other posts, and sometimes others even flag the ones of my posts "for me." However, because of cultural differences and the "learning curve" that comes with online interaction here, I have not done so as of yet.

Like many others users, I'd rather not see a long line of replies on my posts that range between "upvote me" and "nice post." However, this seems to be what we are stuck with at the moment. For the record, if you tell me to "upvote you" chances are that I will not. If you tell me "nice post" I may not believe that you even looked at it.

On the contrary, when I see real comments made by other steemians who obviously read my post, often it encourages me to use my freedom to check out their recent posts. I do not have to, but I can choose to. If they would have chose not to leave a real comment, I would have chosen otherwise.


In closing, I want to end on a happy note. You guys are amazing, and I could not have this many followers without you choosing to support me. For this I am forever grateful and thankful. It seriously means a lot to me.

I know that many choose to look up to @papa-pepper, and I just wanted to be honest at this time to share some of my thoughts and struggles with you. I wish us all the utmost success, but also want us to consider how we should proceed as our follower base continues to grow.

If you have any helpful suggestions for me, please let me know. At times I feel overwhelmed by the cries of others about my lack of support for them. I know that I truly do not owe them anything, and that I cannot possibly "support" everyone with upvotes, so how should I proceed? What would you do in my situation?

Thanks again everyone!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with steemit.com

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Man there is no way you can keep up with 5000, or even 500 Active and engaged followers. You have to pick and choose. And no matter what you chose to do, people will holler at you that you aren't doing enough.

There is a sense of entitlement to Steem that should not be allowed to succeed. Work should be what is rewarded. Proof of Brain. There is nothing at all wrong with the way you are doing it. Keep on Manually curating.

So a couple of the options....

Do nothing, don't vote, don't curate, just sit on your SP. Plenty of people do this, and it doesn't accomplish much for anyone. I don't think this is the option for you.

Manually Curate, as you do. But maybe spend more time considering the person you are voting for and what your upvote means to them. Someone who has been active for a year and already has a lot of success, your upvote might not mean as much as it does to someone who has been here a short time and has had little success, but is trying really hard. So maybe adjust percentages. Still upvote the guy who has been here forever, but upvote him 20% and save 80% for newer users.

Delegate SP to someone you trust to Curate on your behalf. I've seen more and more whales with smaller and smaller personal upvotes because they are delegating to OCD, or Curie, or a friend who curates on their behalf. It keeps the SP working, however does not benefit you with curation rewards.

I'll tell you one thing I would love. When you have an active and involved following like you do, if you see someone who is really trying, and whose blog reaches out to you, a resteem is worth more than an upvote. Having those extra eyes that might end up following the newer user because you resteemed their post, that's a huge reward. Obviously this is more of a time investment than just giving an upvote, so might not be feasible for you. But maybe you pick a couple of people a week who really strike you in your comments, take a bit to visit their blog, and pick a post to resteem if it impresses you.

As you said, you give a lot more rewards in the gifts you send out and the efforts you make. No one should ever be questioning how you use your vote. But they will. And you asked for thoughts, so there you go.

Bottom line, do the best you can with the time you can give it, and don't sweat the small stuff like whiny followers. :-)

Thank you for all of that! You are right, it is exactly what I asked for. Thanks for the honest evaluation of the situation.

you are doing very well in steemit congrats brother and thank you for helping me I appreciate it much.

some very good points here, and I love the one about resteeming

this was so interesting to read and I think your spot on


I am one of those followers (and, I hope, friends) who benefitted from @papa-pepper’s generousity. As witnessed on these photos of the gifts I got by mail from papa a few weeks ago:

I never got to thank you properly for these wonderful gifts, @papa-pepper. I want to correct this lapse of good manner on my part by expressing my gratitude here and now.

Thank you, my friend!

I’ve been wearing the steemit.com friendship bracelet since the day I received the package and I was rocking the T-shirt you sent on the Night of Steem in Lisbon.

If everyone had a spirit as generous as yours, this world would be a Kingdom of Heaven already.

Wow! So glad to hear that they made it! Very cool! Did you ever post about it? If so, I must have missed it! So glad that they made it all the way to Sweden!

Yep – and it looks like you just have found my (newly published) post about it too! ;) Once again: many thanks from the bottom of my heart! You are my role model on Steemit and in life.

I like your explanation of your behavior on Steemit in relation to commenting and upvoting. I still don't know why people keep on begging others for votes or such. For myself, I can relate to what you are saying about sometimes voting on the person behind the post instead of voting for the post itself. I think everyone on Steemit just needs to have a nice time writing nice things and let the community organically vote, comment or blog. Also, I think it is just a nice gesture of you to send free gifts across the globe. Just keep on living life! Cheers

Thank you.


Wow that's a huge amount of followers :)! Keep up the good work!

When I began on Steemit, I would resteem and upvote posts that were doing well.

As I matured on here, I stopped looking at the trending page altogether- except to see important Steemit info. I started upvoting and resteeming content which fit the following criteria: unique, informative, & thought provoking, and it had to be from someone who was working hard. I realized I was growing quickly here and many people looked up to me and my upvote and resteem has helped them so much!

I came across an article by @ethandsmith that was very well done. He had worked extremely hard on it and it had great info I knew many of us could use. It was at the 6 day mark at less than $5. I upvoted it as I found it useful, then I resteemed it to my followers. Of course my full upvote is only 14 cents, but it deserved my full appreciation.

The next morning I woke up to see it was at $65. I was so happy that I had resteemed it, it was llike a natural high! It made me feel so good to have been able to do this for him- and it cost me nothing but a few seconds of time.

An upvote or resteem from someone who is looked up to, as you are, means a great deal to someone who is struggling each day with whether or not to quit Steemit. Steemit is hard work, and it may not seem like it but a little thing like that will refresh the spirit similar to those starry eyed days when you first registered ;)

What may seem a small gesture from you could mean the world to them.

With great power comes great responsibility ~ you are there now, Papa.

People look up to you on many levels. You are the epitome of success from scratch.

You are proof that with hard work you will get rewards.

I noticed you a few weeks after I joined and you were "only" at 5k followers, and even then I was like wow after reading your story. You are an icon now, like it or not, and you set the stage for all the newcomers :)

Thank you so much for that, and for your wonderful interview! That was a gem to see how it well it did.

You make some good points there, and share some good advice! Thanks for everything, always!

Anytime, Grande' Pepper!

Oh my, where is my head?

I was so focused on answering your question I totally forgot...

Congratulations on 10K! I know it must be surreal!

I know what is going through your head, and my response to that is: Papa? You earned this. You deserve it, and much more <3

I remember the morning I woke up to find that post had made $60 almost overnight. I wondered how it happened, and I realized that it was because of that resteem.

I'm still grateful for that, so now I'm always looking for ways to support other users who could use a boost.

I also remember the day that @papa-pepper replied to one of my comments on your interview post with him. He sent me over to his YouTube channel to watch some of his videos and listen to his background and testimony.

I do my best to support both of your accounts now, @arbitrarykitten and @papa-pepper, because your attitudes toward the community are extremely honorable and evident in whatever you do.

I recently decided to use small portions of my voting power to trail the voting records of some accounts that I believe to be excellent up and coming curators. They are @qurator, @muxxybot, and the brand new @r-bot. I trust them to vote up great posts, and I hope I'll be able to find more accounts to support.

Keep up the good work! I enjoy every single one of your high value posts and comments. Thank you both for sharing.

congrats and cheers to more ;)

Thank you so very much!

Tis always awesome reading your posts when I get the chance. Not only did I make a friend and brother here on Steemit when I met you but I met someone whom I look up to and admire for the life they live and the family they raise.

Heck, most of the times when I catch your posts they make me laugh and smile and that is much needed in ones life.

Thanks for being here Papa-pepper and congratulations on 10,000 followers!!!

~ @Timbo

Big respect @papa-pepper. For those of us who are talking about and actively promoting steemit as a platform which can do great good, you are a HUGE inspiration. Keep on supporting those minnows, as I know you will, and demonstrating excellent behaviour in the community. Peace, my peppery brother from across the pond.

Thank you for the encouragement.

"Nice post", LOL

Congratulation on your achievement sir I see that you have quite the following and it is very nice to have such a wide variety of people to follow you. I have had many followers on other social networks like Instagram and Twitter and things like that but I'm mostly developing here and hopefully I will get to you as many as you one day we'll see what happens thanks for your inspiration, be well.


First of all, thank you for visiting my post recently. I really appreciate.

Reading this post I realized that you have been a great writer here to have been followed by 10000 accounts. That's a milestone as far as am concerned. I am going to get there.

Yes, you are right that you cannot reply or upvote everyone. Sometimes, I get such messages and I begin to wonder where is it coming from. The idea of telling me to come to your post because you came to my post don't just appeal to me. I follow some people just as you follow me. If I have to upvote everybody then my voting power would be seriously tampered.

I like the fact that steemit is not a get rich quickly platform because anyone who ask for upvote is in this category.

That is my opinion.

Signing out.........

Thank you for sharing your opinion, I appreciate it.

WOW ! Congratulations @papa-pepper !!! And I thought 2500 followers I hit was a lot ! LOL! Well deserved my friend , and great post !! Keep up the great work , im so glad to be one of your followers right from the start , and I thank you for all the help and support , your Awesomeness !!!👌✌💕👍😍

I'd to pretend like I played the biggest part because it happened at my house lol. Can't wait to see how big you can make that number grow. You won't have a problem with sustainability because you homestead. Homesteading is based on the principles of sustainability.

Lol, thanks my friend!

Congratulations! That really is a great, well-deserved achievement! At least in my mind, 54.75% of your followers posting in the last month is a really high percentage for such a large sampling of users. I hope Steemit contributions only continue to grow!

Anyone who is as successful as you on a social media platform is not going to have the time to interact with and acknowledge everyone. In a way it is a good problem to have. The lack of time to interact with and support everyone bothering you means you are a genuinely good person and care about this community.

Don't let it get to you. You are doing a great job and most of us understand having multiple commitments and obligations. Thanks for all you do and congratulations on 10000 followers!

Thanks man. I appreciate the encouragement!

You're welcome ☺️

I feel slightly better knowing you are not superhuman. Of course you can't follow 10,000 plus people around. (Hello? Congratulations! Well done!) What you say makes perfect sense and I have never come over for a follow me, follow you anyway.

I have a little over 1,000 followers and it is a challenge to keep up with that, so I cannot even imagine how anyone would hope for a mere mortal to keep up with that.

I am appreciative of the blogs/posts that you put out and that is the joy in knowing you. Would I love a huge upvote or a sprinkle of Papa magic on my post? Well, duh!!? Am I disappointed? Not a chance. Just happy that you interact and that you give very real info and responses.

You rock it. You wouldn't be where you are if you weren't doing something right, ;) Congratulations again! To the next 10,000!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thank you, truly. How can anybody not adore you?

@papa-pepper you are a BRAND and everyone likes your BRAND. Congrats on 10,000

I've heard that before.

@papa-pepper we have had our battles and we lived to be here right now. It's a Blessing my Brother. Thank You for helping me stay SOBER for One more Day.......

Wow congradulations on 10,000 followers big guy!

It was amazing! Thanks!

You are just amazing. I didn't ask @raybrockman's permission but I think this worth sharing. Just to let you know, we appreciate you. And that advice you've given to @raybrockman I don't know what it is but that man surely thankful for it. We are people talking behind your back.😅



Oh Jyoce this is so funny - Explaining Papa Pepper to my inlaws may be one of the funniest conversations of my life!

It started like this;

Mumbling: 'I dont understand why they are taking pictures of each other in the shower'

My husband don't understand what I'm doing when I stay up till 3am then suddenly run and take picture. And Im no good in explaining really so sometimes I just give him a dirty look. 😂

Oh poor fellow! Im sure he'd love to help! 😇

Hopefully you can pocket a few hundred $$$$. Then he will understand!

😂😂😂 I bet they would't understand and think you two are crazy lol!

Luckily its true! We are a very special type of crazy ✌😂✌

Don't blame me, you guys chose the shower, there is plenty of water elsewhere!

I am sure you will have much more followers here on Steemit. I come here just read your posts and I like your works here. I use yours posts for makes my english better. Usualy I understand all what you write, some words I need to check, but I can't comment your posts like I would like to do. I am working realy hard on my English, I would like to be native in English in few months and than I could more interact with your posts. It's sure that you cant reply all comments and watch all other posts and upvote all! I have only 120 followers, I follow 133 on Steemit and it's hard to see and read all posts. On your profile I come every day to see direct what's new. Here some peppers for you, not my photo but CCO licence so you can use it if you like. peppers.jpeg

Thank you for the wonderful comment, and the peppers!

Good job Papa-pepper, Congratulations on your well earned achievement.
Also, the manner in which you have accomplished it is impressive.
Your character stands out in all that you do.

Of the over 10,000 accounts following @papa-pepper, 4591 of those are "dead followers"

for me it's 2646 Total followers, 1071 Dead followers.....
huh...isn't that ROUGHLY the same ratio?
(math is hard)

Math is hard! I think a lot of people fet discouraged even though earning 1 cent is more than they ever could on facebook. Better than farming dust from faucets as well!

that's also a misconception.
They're NOT earning 1 cent.
They are earning .01 SteemPower or SteemChain Backed Dollar (depending on how they have their rewards selection set)

not the same thing.

the value of SP and SBD changed dramatically. Once it was worth .05 USD...once it was worth $4.00 USD... so that one cent would suddenly be worth a LOT more.

BitCoin is a perfect example...at one time one bitcoin was free...now it's worth $7500.

Steem On.

That is part of why I love it! Suddenly it can exponentially increase in value!

Very good point! Its good to keep reminding ourselves of these small distinctions, (like the difference between steem and steempower), since it is so new it can be easy to fall back into old thpught patterns!

The distinctions aren't so small.
Back in june the value of my account went from $300 to $30,000 in ten hours...
same number of SP...just worth more..

Yeah in that case it really becomes clear. Thanks for the illuminating anecdote Mr Mickey!


enjoy your followers,you have achieved a good target,,keep it up,,

10k followers on steemit is better than millions of followers of facebook ,twitter, instagram etc.

Big achevment @papa-pepper congrats

Keeping up with followers is an integral part of Steemit, however, I agree with you, there is only one me and so much time to devote to responding, upvoting and resteeming. No matter how many followers, we can only do the best we can to encourage others. Congrats on your milestone @papapepper we love you and your posts.

We can only do the best we can do being the best we's we can bees 😇

Congrats, man! You deserve it! Cheers

Congratulations on the 1ok followers. Even as small as I am I have what is called dead followers. When I see that I wonder if there is other things they are dealing with and can't get on steemit.

You have been blessed with a large following and it is a huge responsiblity in it's self. Just keep doing what you are doing. People will be grateful for what you are doing for steemit as it is. Family and home always come first. A true follower will be here for you no matter what.

Well said, and thank you my friend!

Congrats! I think you said all that needs to be said. No one is obligated to vote,follow, or resteem. When someone expects that, then they are setting themselves up for disappointment.
Keep on keeping on! :)

You are right about that! Thanks.

Massive congratulations brother, I have only been here two months odd and really notice your help and contribution the community myself personally included on levels you won't know or imagine, just know that you are a good soul with pure intentions and you are blessed because you bless others. I actually did a post on your 10 k milestone 4 days back. https://steemit.com/steemit/@craigcryptoking/congratulations-papa-pepper-on-reaching-10k-followers-and-thank-you-for-all-your-great-work Bless you @papa-pepper and thanks again. Cheer$;)

You were quicker than I was! I'll check it out! Thanks.

You earned it man! There aren't many people on steem who can post the long, high-effort kind of posts that you do with so much consistency and variety.

Right now being above 10,000 is super rare... I look forward to 1-2 years from now when more and more steemians are hitting that "superstar" status.

I look forward to that future too, after seeing all that steemit has already accomplished I cannot wait to see what happens in the future. Thank you.

A big shout of congratulations to you, Papa, good job...

I wish you a long and prosperous career here, and many tens of thousands more followers as well...



Oh! I want to add congratulations!! = )

Wow... It amazing..!
For now I'm only having 97..lol.. Not even 1 % on yours... Congratulations!!!!

I say ignore the ones screaming at you. Yes, you have a lot of followers, but each one of those followers is also following a bunch of other people - such, it is not your responsibility to even try to support all, or for that matter, any of them.
You are a role model because you do give that much back to the community. You actually do answer comments - which a lot of other big fish don't necessarily do. I am not saying that they are wrong not to answer. For all we know they are busy supporting the community in other ways.
But one important way, and I think it is the one you have chosen, is to model positive behaviors others can follow. So, instead of screaming at you for not supporting them - they can look at what you are doing and start to do the same.
Anyway, I am just babbling now. But you give a lot to the community and have guided others to do the same. That is more than enough.
I think the best policy is to ignore the spam type comments. Or when you feel really generous and have some time, paste a link to one of your posts where you explain how to be successful. But that might be wasting your time.

Wow, congrats @papa-pepper! Your blog posts are always entertaining! Thank you for sharing your interesting life with us on Steemit!

I probably do not need to remind you, but somehow I just got the WRONG impression of you at first. After actually following you for a while, thanks to a silly contest, you have earned my honest respect. Your request for guidance is very sweet, but you ARE a trailblazer here... meaning there is no one and nothing for you to follow but your heart.

Thank you for your honesty! I appreciate that.

Congarats papa-p! You deserve it 👏

What you have written here is so true and well thought out. I have, myself, felt like what you wrote here:

"I upvote and resteem your posts, but you do not upvote and resteem mine."

I have never written that and no one has ever written it to me but I'm sure that many of us have had those feelings.

As you said, how could anyone actually upvote or follow or interact with 10,000 people. It's just not possible even with 1,000.

My advice, which you don't really need: Just keep doing what your doing because your doing great! You always take the high road and that's such a great example!

Congratulations to you, I hope I reach half.

Don't sweat the kiddies begging for your time @papa-pepper. One day they will grow up and realize that to get followed you need to lead.

And that's what you are doing - leading by example, showing the world how it should be done.

So kudos to you, and a huge thanks from the community for enriching our lives with your posts.

Now...... if only I could find a way to eliminate all the other contestants in the selfie competition (which has been a lot more fun than I thought it would be), then you'd be enriching my pocket as well hehe.

LOL, in due time. Plus, I have an upcoming surprise for you!

You know what you are doing. Don't look back.

Frankly I'm surprised you keep up as much as you do. One suggestion would be to keep your voting power higher but we all struggle with that so just keep up the great work.

I certainly try to keep it higher, but it's rarely over 33% these days. Thanks Alex.

when did you discover it? lol you did not just notice this did you? CONGRATULATIONS XXX

I suspect Papa Pepper has a backlog, especially with all the contests.

LOL, it happened Wednesday, I post about it on Sunday.

Many entire days ago! Hahaha

I read it sunday in a blog from someone else, such ashame that there is no private message, your box would have been full congratulations !! And still really what an achievement!

Well done man!

Congratulations 🎊 on your milestone of 10,000 followers.

At times I feel overwhelmed by the cries of others about my lack of support for them. I know that I truly do not owe them anything, and that I cannot possibly "support" everyone with upvotes, so how should I proceed? What would you do in my situation?

It is amazing the support that you are doing on Steemit AND actually having a productive life outside of Steemit. I think if everyone that followed you would look at you as a mentor and modeled their own interactions, with other Steemians, as in curating and commenting, they would greatly benefit.
Just as in our real life, day to day interaction with those around us as followers of Christ we benefit and bless those by our “Christ-like” actions. Have a blessed day and congratulations again.


Thank you so much for your continued words of encouragement. It truly blesses me.

Congratulations for reaching this milestone!
I am wondering why you did not attend the SteemFest!?!
Somebody like you for sure had a lot of things to say and open a lot of interesting topics!
Going back to the topic of the blog and your thoughts... well i think you are free to do whatever makes you happy and that means upvote who you want and follow who you want but no matter what you choose just please always Steem On!😉

Unfortunately I'm not traveling abroad right now, or I would have loved to attend steemfest. Thank you for your advice too!

Nice work, well deserved :)

Hey @papa-pepper, nice to know you reached one of your goal.
I thought you was like at 100k followers, it's give me motivation to become a whale too,
everything is possible right? ^^

Congratulations!! That’s a huge accomplishment, and I believe you soared here because you chose to be yourself. Not that I know for sure if you are or not, but if you aren’t, you are excellent at faking it. Lol!
I wouldn’t worry about the people that are upset because you don’t follow them, upvote them, or resteem them. I chose to follow you. I read your content because it entertains me, informs me, and often times, it is a challenge, and I LOVE challenges. I expect nothing from you, other than the great stuff you bring to this community. Isn’t that enough pressure??? My thought is this: If they are upset because you aren’t upvoting them and such, are they truly enjoying what you are providing? Because I am, and I don’t care if you ever follow, upvote, or resteem anything I post. For me, you are giving me helpful advice, games to play, and things to laugh at. That’s enough for me! And it should be enough for everyone. That’s part of what Steemit is about.

That is amazing, 10000 followers, congratulations! You are a wonderful poster and, I can say from personal experience, a very nice fellow. You are always very giving of your time to answer questions, no matter how inane they may be, and you are like that to all, followers or not. You were the second person I followed (my husband, who introduced me to steemit, was the first) and I've loved every single one of your posts that I've read, not because I knew all about whatever animal/plant/currency you were posting about but because no matter how much knowledge or experience those that read your posts have on the subject of those posts, there is always something interesting and educational that you teach us in every one, whether it be about making balloon animals or homesteading and everything in between.
I am almost to 300 followers, which for me is quite a lot, because I never expected to get more than a couple followers (my son and my husband) because I never blogged before joining steemit in June and you encouraged me to just be myself and start small. I've taken your advice and am quite happy with my progress but I also worried about getting too many followers and following too many because I knew I couldn't keep up with all their posts, so it makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one that feels that way. :D
I think you do a fantastic job of supporting members of this steemit family and you help so many people that those that really take the time to read your posts and converse with you would never doubt your intentions or say anything against how you are doing things now so keep on being you and doing what you're doing because you are AWESOME @papa-pepper. :D Thanks again for all your help. :D Have an awesome day! :D

Congratulations. You are a true leader and you make Steemit fun for all of us!

Congrats for the first 10,000 followers! I have only 2300, but it seems to be too much compared with the number of people I follow. :)))

congratulation...... 10000 people to following you....and the best

even 5475 is an amazing number especially when considered it s a number of still live followers,

I am not surprised in the least I have seen in y short time here all you do for the community, with the gifts you send including the bracelets I was so lucky to get, the contests you host etc etc, your a great ambassador for all that is good with the Steemit Community

With the amount of followers you have any one who would expect you to return any comments Up-votes or Resteems has no sense of reality for one and secondly I fully agree its your account that you have built up with dedication hard work and honesty, who you choose to upvote resteem or follow is your right and no one should question it, especially with all you give back

anyway I digress congrats what an achievement

Wow!! Congrats @papa-pepper, I know you deserved it... still looking forward for your post and waiting for the new daily selfie challenge for

There is been said so much already! Therefore from me only this: My sincere congratulations on your success! Let's clink glasses on that! 🥂🍾
I applaud you and wish you all the best for the next 10000! 😉

Don't worry about the 'poor mes', they'll figure it out... or not. 😏

You just keep doing you. I think that's why you're so successful. You mean well, and you're doing what you gotta do.

I did my first flag the other day. But dude completely copy/pasted my hubs post AND his picture... of him! Tags and all and reposted.

That's a little more than 'misunderstanding'. Normally, I go out of my way to explain what they've done wrong and how to fix it, rather than flag. I totally get the cultural differences (and love that) and just want everyone to be the most successful they can be.

Thanks for everything! Your contests, your giveaways, sweet sweet homesteading advice and just general motivation.

You make Steemit a pretty awesome place to hang out. 😍

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In the end you just gotta do you man. People will always find ways to get you down. Don't let other people's opinions screw with who you are or where you want to go in life as an individual. That's your road to travel not anyone else's. If curating needs to take a back seat to your personal life I would not feel guilty about that. Take care of your foundation first so that you are able to support the rest. You do that by starting with yourself and working your way out from there. Anyways rant over! See you in the funny papers.

Yeah that's true, you may have 10000 but a lot might be inactive. I don't know how you keep up with what you do. You truly are a Steemit superstar and it's easy to see why so many want to follow you and your posts. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication in making this a worthwhile platform. My best to you!

congrat..thank you for the contests, so interesting~

Congratulations on 10k!
I'll also contribute to the choruse saying how much effort and goodness that you've put into the Steemit community, there are very good reasons that you have so many followers!
You are absolutely right that you should use your vote, resteem voluntarily and only as you see fit.

I do however disagree with your reluctance to downvote or flag things that you feel should be flagged. I think that there are times that complacency becomes complicity.

In online communities or off-line for that matter it is important to clearly oppose things such as hate speech and so on; to not do so lends those voices tacit support and that voice becomes louder and more influential as a result.

An example from a game (EVE): some groups are incredibly toxic, filled with misogenic, racist and overall hateful text and speech on their forums, chat channels etc, they often don't start that way, but a few slurs are tolerated and then a few more, it just goes downhill from there. I've watched it happen several times.

Now, I'm part of a group that actively discourages those kinds of postings (you'll get warned, and if you choose to continue, banned) and it is a very welcoming group indeed, a great many silly things are tollerated, just not any kind of bigotry. Seriously, the best, most civil group of 1000s of people playing a game where backstabbing and treachery is the norm.
This is summed up in the groups mottos "Be Brave" and "Stay Classy".

7o fellow newbies!

"Be Brave" is a part of it as even in an annonymous online game, standing up against bigotry does take courage; likely more so here on steemit where a record of it is encoded into the block chain and is much less annonymous.

Congrats Pop! You beat me to it by around 500 people.

Hello, my friend. I have a question for you, if you are willing to help. I'm not skilled enough to reach you on some other way than this. I'm looking to cash out some btc to my bank account. I was thinking about quadriga. Do you have any advice for me. I would be very grateful for your help. Sorry to spaming your comment, but I really need this advice. Thanks.

Hello my friend!

I use quadriga. You need to get verified there. It's really simple. Just follow their instruction. I might take them 24h-48h to process your thing, I don't know.

Then you will need to do a transfer to your bank or or financial institution. This is also very easy. You will need the information provided on a check. Bank institution number, folio, bank Street etc. The name on that bank account must match the name you verified your quadriga account with.

To verify your quadriga account it will take you something like a driver's license and a utility bill to where you live if I remember that correctly. It's well indicated. The transfer take 7-10 days. It can be faster if you pay some fees. I love quadriga.

Feel free to add me on Facebook or talk to me on the Steemit.chat or reply here if you have any other question.


Thank you very much for your answer. I'll start the process with quadriga tomorrow
Thanks for the help again. I'll find you if I'll need an advice.

With over a 100 comments on this post, there is hardly any chance my comment will be seen. Nonetheless, I feel like leaving a reply here because I loved this post and most importantly, I love your attitude. Firstly, congratulations on having over 5000 real followers since over 4k aren't genuine ones, I'd like to congratulate for the army of real followers you have made. Honestly, you are doing a great job here and over the past few weeks, I have grown to like the genuine and authentic person you are and the good you are trying to do. I am a self-help author and have written over 300 e-books on many self-development topics including self-acceptance and self-love. Often, I used to write 'You need to accept your individuality and embrace it to be happy with yourself'. However, it was you and your love for animals especially snakes that really made me understand this bit. I love how accepting you are of your uniqueness and your true-self. Most people don't admit the different interests and likes they have but you do and this encourages many of us to do the same. This is what I like the most about you and the fact that you are expressive about the way you feel and obviously how grounded and loving you are towards your family. Prayers and good thoughts for you and your family. :D

Thank you so much for that. Perhaps it is my lack of experience with online interaction, or perhaps I just don't care too much, but being honest and sharing is just how I like to roll.

I appreciate your comment and that you believe that I am motivational and encouraging!

That's so nice of you. :)

As a homeschooling mama of four, I think I feel you. There aren't enough hours in the day. I can't even respond to all of the 17000 comments from four people I birthed from my body. 10000 followers? No way. But here's the thing I learned a while back. I'm a good person, a good mama. I love my kids to the moon and back, and most of the time I'm giving my best. That's enough. You're a good person too. I can tell. You just have to trust that you're doing your best and balancing all the many things on your plate. Needy people gonna need. You do what's best for you and your family. Nobody with any sense questions how much you do for this community.

Thank you for that! I'm trying to help out homeschooling our five over here too! Appreciate your kind words and solid insight. Thanks!

You're welcome. Don't push yourself too hard. You got a lot going on. I didn't realize y'all had five. Sometimes I feel like I can't have a coherent thought. You're over there making videos and running contests. Big up, as they say in Belize. You're rockin it.

Congrats on your milestone!
And great post thanks for sharing and steem on :)

This is isane. I can only imagine the dedication and effort to reach this level. Kudos!

Congrats to you! I know that there's tons of work to be done no matter the length of the post. And I bet you do tons of work. Your creativity seems to always be working :) (This post is great!) There's always much to learn about steemit and people like you that take the time to help others by either creating a way to interact with others or turning a post into a lesson helps many; thank you for that. I have enjoyed your post and the adventure your family is on. One day you'll probably hear your kids talk about how great of a childhood they had! Congrats again! Best wishes to you and your lovely family :) - @splendorhub

Well done @papa-pepper you truly deserve that 10 000 milestone and correctly said we are most probably the most diverged community on the planet with people from every race and very different cultures ,what is except-able to me might not be for them and visa versa ... Keep up with the great work I am sure 99,99% of the steemians are blessed and learn a lot from you , there will always be that 0,01% ...

Congratulations on over half of those 10k being active ;)
I'm not sure why so many have this 'follow for follow' mentality online. I certainly follow people with no expectation of them making it to my content. That doesn't subtract from the value I gain from the content they put online, for me to consume for free!

I think you are going about things the right way. Keep doing the good work and doing what you feel comfortable with.

The more we grow on the platform the more difficult it becomes to help out our followers!
I am a living example, I do think you still remember how much I was commenting on your posts some weeks back...but these days it is becoming more and more difficult in finding time to read, vote and comment.
Even that I am not commenting, I am reading and enjoying most of your posts man.
And you are right, impossible to make everyone happy here mate!
My way forward to help the community is to support those making thoughtful comments on my posts on a regular basis!

Congratulations @papa-pepper
You've been a great blessing to the steemit community.

Although I've never won any of your contest or giveaways, but km always happy to participate and see the happiness expressed by the winners.

Steemit is a better place to be and 2018 is going to be greater.

Hi @papa-pepper congratulations for this achievement.

Wow! Thats quite a milestone @papa-pepper! Congratulations!

I started following you when I first joined Steemit in May or June this year. I remember when I was only a couple weeks into Steemit you did something very kind and profound for a fellow Steemian. I cant remember the name of this person but im sure you do as you sent them I want to say around 2000 STEEM or SBD towards the cost of their medical bills!! Steemians were in shock that you gave so much to a complete stranger! You also re-steemed their cause and as a result more than enough money was raised to cover their medical needs. From this I know that you are a very kind and caring person and you are completely correct that is is impossible to give back to each and everyone of your followers.

People like yourself are exactly what @ned describes Steemit is all about. Community. So I'd just like to say thankyou for being a part of it and congratulations on your entry to the top 30 accounts! We love you @papa-pepper!!

10,000 followers! congratulations.

Over 3,000 dead followers, no wonder i was expecting your post to be grossing 1000's of upvotes, but not.

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
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Man you just gotta keep being you and be the truth, joy, and inextinguishable light of possibilities for others. I believe what you give out is what you get back from the universe. Your posts are always fun and informative. You got me planting daikon radishes for soil drills in my backyard! Keep on creating and inspiring brother!

Vote your heart and most true followers will understand! It isn't personal but eventually you run outta your daily allotment of votes...I know I do and I have very few followers and following compared to you. I'm still very new and still learning : ) That being said I can see where some may abuse the flagging or downvoting but I believe there are lots more good people here than bad.

I feel way better about up than down. Sometimes I do give tiny 1% downvotes to send a message though, but it has to be particularly heinous. A 'nice post'

Agreed! If I don't like something, I just don't vote. Sometimes I have to get off to stop upvoting cause I keep getting pretty dang low on steem = ( ecoinstant, I thought I was following you? I think that may have been the week steemit was acting up..sorry.

You also seem familiar!

I hustled to get the slider bar because I like to upvote too much! Now with the esteem app I can just leave it at 1 or 2 percent and just keep commenting and liking 😀

I got a lot more learning to do that's for sure..lol ~ I'm gonna look up this slider bar. Yeah cause I thought I upvoted and followed when you were in the contest (Wild and Strange). I recognized the photo on your post which I just upvoted but I could have sworn I had already done it?

Oh sweet wild and strange - it still amazes me how awesome the concept is. 5 different types of art in the same challenge

Seemed like a good idea to me!

Quite the predicament you are in Pepper. Congrats on the 10k milestone, with steemits continued growth that number could start to grow exponentially if you're not careful ;).

Like a lot of others have posted, just keep on doing what you are doing. People come to your posts for a reason, whether it is one of your contests, your willingness to interact with everyone or just some helpful advice you are the steemit version of Mandela, (big shoes to fill).
I haven't been able to participate in many or even any of your contests because my feed is filled with a lot of content and if my feed is that bad, I can only imagine how clogged your feed can get.

Just keep being awesome and a model Steemian. That or you can start paying the little peppers to curate and do some more administrative duties for you

Congratz Bro. That is Inspiring. I just started a few days ago ! Any Tips are Welcome. Must Learn from the Guru !

Hey man great post. I have such a positive energy after steemfest and faith in the power of this community because you don't get to meet people like you, and many others in this community, every day. What we have here is quite unique, and powerful.

There are many great tools for interactions it may be helpful to develop some tools that focus on helping you interact with your followers. At the moment I use esteem to get notifications if someone comments on a post for example but we could look at building a specialised tool which would benefit the community. My brain is working overtime after steemfest. I can't stop generating ideas. 😀 I need sleep now 😴😴😴

I'm happy to be a tiny part of it :)

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki page about Follower. Thanks and good luck again!

to have 10000 followers is like to ride onto the moon,,@papa-pepper enjoy your followers,God bless you always,

Thank you very much!

That is awesome that you have never flagged someone. That is the biggest abuse I have seen on here unless it is for copy and paste blog post. Just because someone is annoying or you don't agree it's a crap way to respond with a flag.
For that I salute you and say congrats on 10K followers. I know you have entertained me a ton and that is the joy I get online.