Meet Erin, Who Saved 1500 Dogs

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Last time my post on cats from Utah was very popular and today I bring you a really nice blog on DOGS. And yes, I am dog lover.
This the story of Erin and her dogs.
Most dogs in the world do not have a home. And the ones that do find a home are especially the YOUNG and CUTE ones.
If you are an OLD dog most people will not notice you. You are left in a shelter or on the streets by yourself.
To Erin it made no sense. According to her older dogs are calm and friendly and don't need as much attention...
So she quit her marketing job to work with dogs.
She started with a facebook page-
and every dog she posted got adopted. 1500 of them in total.
She taught 600,000 people that old dogs are as good or in some cases BETTER!!.. than adopting a young one.
And she herself has two senior dogs.
They say Dogs are man's best friend. In that case, OLD DOGS ARE THEIR ANGELS.
That's Erin and her story, see you tomorrow.
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Erin had done a wonderful job.....salute to her

Yes buddy, glad to read it.

I like dogs; ours died last year and we are still missing her

That is sad buddy, I have three dogs but one of them(the naughtiest one) died a year ago in an accident. I miss him too.

your cat is vary beautifull

What to say now, at least read the heading, right???

Whatever you want

OKay I need 1 sbd lol.

What you order

Thank you and I am very glad you read my blog, super happy

I also love dogs very much.

Yes they are man's best friends.

So nice of you . I'm also animals lovers specially street animals who has no home. Your idea is so good to make a page to adopt dogs. I'll be try this also. Thank you so to sharing this post.

Do good have good, that's all

Thanks for the support.

Aww so cute post. Keep it up the great work

Thank you buddy

i really love dogs

dog is an honest animal i love dog up voted to you.
my blog is related to travel information if you like my blog up voted to me, thank you in advance.

Sure buddy I will have a look

It feels so good and great to share something you love doing. Nice post

Thanks dear,, keep supporting.

Nice blog. dogs are very lowayl to humans.

Nice story, tanks

Very great post you have shared.

Thanks for the complement.

Nice post my friend...

Glad you liked it.

They not just save but transform

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