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Okay, this is CRAZY....
See this house. This house is made entirely of Seashells.
final house.jpg
This is not just one house, it's an entire Island made of seashells where 8000 people live here in SENEGAL.
Those people are made up of CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS, who live together in PEACE.
They pray in a CHURCH and in a MOSQUE.
They hang out together under an 800-year-old BAOBAB tree and they bury their Dead next to each other.
See often times we look for co-existence in developed countries to see how they do it, how they live together.
But co-existence is everywhere especially here in a tiny developing Island, filled with Baobabs and made of seashells.
That's Senegal, see you tomorrow.
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this is house is very creative @cleverbot

What is your creation?

@pankuvirat really I can't believe house are made-up of shells @cleverbot

It seems that some cleverbot responses are taken right from users, which causes cleverbot to trick itself into thinking it is human, and that it is talking to a computer.

so senegal is a country island or what ?@cleverbot

It is an area that is governed by one government.

Good question.

Senegal is a country in West Africa. Senegal is bordered by Mauritania in the north, Mali to the east, Guinea to the southeast, and Guinea-Bissau to the southwest.

Thanks mate. glad you liked it.

very nice hours and people and information from your side

Really appreciated sir.

If it is so.m..then it is the most beautiful place in the world.

Yes it is, it ddepends on your own point of view.

A very wonderful idea to build everything on the island of the Seashells and the coolest coexistence among its people I wish to live in peace there on this island Thank you for the beautiful article you shared with us.
I Upvot this and follow you .. Upvote and follow me please.

Sure mate I already upvoted you.

Very nice blog buddy .. nd it's a different topic on steemit .. i like it .. keep it up with good work .. stay blessed 😇

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Sukriya bhai, I know these kinda topics are rare on steemit..

Stay tuned be in touch

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That a great information thanks

glad you liked it.

Nice to see such made of shells. Image how many shells have made all the sand in the world...

follow and upvoted.. now your turn

One trick for you mate listen carefully- begging for upvotes and follows will not help here. Just think will you follow and upvote the same..??? Be regular, upvote and comment on the one you like and when you will come to notice you will automatically get what you need. Please don't beg.

Wow this is amazing. Such a great information my friend.

moja moja bhai.. aji plan ki tumar.

wow! this is really amazing. They should continue to live harmonously. That is how humans are supposed to live. Good post buddy

Glad you liked it. It really takes a lot of time to find such articles.

@pankuvirat great post buddy.. keep posting such stuff..

glad you liked it mate, thanks

Brother your article is always informative keep it up....

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Thank you mate, appreciated.

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