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This morning I did this invocation and healing process that i learned recently, and felt so peaceful afterwards and also assured that what I desire in my future is becoming a reality, and that I have support and guidance from my ancestors

try it

... Spread you arms wide into a 'V' shape and imagine, feel or perceived a light radiating from the center of your heart, along each arm and pouring down to the ends of your fingers tips.

Now say these words aloud,

"I call upon the grave of God and the unconditional lovable and wisdom of my Ancestors. I ask for blessings of leadership and of wisdom. I ask for the courage to take rest when it is needed and for the wisdom to understand the part I play in the greater group process.
I ask for the respect I need to acknowledge the importance of my own journey, and the compassion I need to respect the journeys of others even if I don't always understand the choices they make.
I give thanks for the spiritual guidance and assistance being offered to me now, and I ask for the discernment to be able to recognize when a wisdom is greater than my own is guiding me.
I thankfully now receive the gift of being held by my soul group and being empowered by its greater healing process of which my own path is a part.
I give thanks for the gift of my soul connections that work in tandem with me to bring about a more loving reality that is awake upon Mother Earth for all humanity.
I humbly thank you for the gift of spiritual leadership, and I ask that I serve with humility, confidence and trust in love.
May my intentions and actions be pure through the protection of God. Through Divine Grace and my own free will, so be it."

Now bow your head and take several breathes in and feel the peace and reassurance

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Nice content, good to read !!! ®®®