What Happens When You Have a Little Sister

in #blog4 years ago

If You Have Long Hair

And a little sister, you'll probably get things like this happening to you more than once or twice. Every time I hang out with her, I get every variation of hairstyle known to man (or woman in this case)

20150701_193358_College St.jpg

It doesn't really bother me though. As long as she undoes whatever she puts in there. One time she put these extremely tight cornrows in and it took me like an hour to get them out.

I was borrowing my friend's Escalade while in town, and he had a license plate which has 'G-Low' written on it. I really didn't need to be that white dude driving around with cornrows and a g-low license plate.


She's already eyeballing those locks...


I love it when my sisters pay with my hair, although they aren't that long. It's therapeutic in a way I can't explain. So thank your stars you have someone who can do that for you

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