SEO Tactics for E-commerce website

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It cleared that ranking higher than your competitors is essential for you but, what if you do not know how to rank in google. You do not see the SEO tricks and tips that will improve and rank your e-commerce website on the top in the google.

Google’s purpose is to give the position to that content or that site which answers all the questions of the searcher. If you are missing out click then must you are missing some sales. If you are making a new e-commerce website or improving the previously existing site then here are the details of how you can adjust it by SEO.

How can SEO help you to be on the top in google?

Nowadays be on the first page is not enough you must be in the first position. The critical tactics for ranking the e-commerce website are following.
• Keyword research
• Site Building
• On Page SEO
• Local SEO
• Technical SEO
• Content Quality
• Link Building

In 2011 a search by Optify according to the Google search engine the website on the first number will get an average click-through CTR of 36%. The site on the second position will get an average click-through CTR rate of 12 percent, and the third number had a CTR rate of 9 percent.

Keyword research:

As you are starting the new e-commerce website, first of all, you need to do the keyword research. There are so many tools which are being used by the peoples for keyword research. Some of them are free and most valuable tools are paid.
Like Ahrefs, Semrush and keyword finder. Now you have to get the best possible result for your keyword in the shape of blog content which will help you to rank your e-commerce website. You can use long tail keywords which are easy to grade. For your e-commerce website, you need to write an attractive article and put eye-catching pictures in the content which will attract the visitors to buy the products. If you are a great businessman for a visitor to shop and you do SEO on a daily basis for your website, then you claim the top position.

Competitor Research:

If you have done the keyword research in a good way, you have done half of your business. Now research your competitor website and check the keywords which are being used by your competitor. Make a list of those keywords and analyze them in the tool you are using. Check the DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) of the keywords. If your competitor is using keywords of high DA and PA, then try to use other keywords which have higher DA and PA. They will be helpful for you.

Website Building:

Now check the architecture of your competitor website and their navigation bar. Now build a website which looks better than your competitor. E-commerce stores should pay heed to your site because of your architect. Make categories of products like

• Top-Rated Products
• Popular products
• Recently viewed products
• Related Products

Check out the most successful companies that how they have built their companies website, then you will follow them or take a completely different route.

If you have done your keyword research and competitor research, now it's time to check the errors or problems of your website which need to fix. Once you have cared for your site now, you have to check the speed of your website.

Your customer will not wait for you slow speed website to open. He will back to google and find a high-speed webpage which will be of your competitor. So, do not make little mistakes and do not lose the customers. According to the new research, a site maximum takes 3 seconds to open. That is why it is essential for your website to open quickly. If you want to speed test, then use free tools like Pingdom. If your site is loading in the three seconds, you can increase it by buying the high space servers.

On Page SEO:

As you know Off-page SEO (Link Building) is essential in this sense on Page SEO is also very important. All the actions or work you do within your web pages are called On-Page SEO which helps you to increase your rank in the google. On Page SEO contains the following steps which you need to do.
Keyword Research:

• Site Building
• Internal Linking
• Usability
• Mobile Friendly Website
• Social Signals
• Visitors Review

If you have done your On-Page work now, you need to test your site that which keywords are beneficial for you or which keywords are converting the high. You can use PPC campaigns to check the turning of your keywords which you have used in your SEO strategy. By testing your website, you can get the result of your SEO strategies if you are not getting a good result then you can change it a little bit.

Link Building:

It is similar to the blog content, but it is a part of Off-page SEO. Now you have to pay heed on link building. Care about it that a low-quality website would not link to your website. You can analyze any domain authority by the tools. If a low-quality website relates to your site, it will also affect your website ranking. You can even recognize a low-quality website by just looking at it.

It will have poorly written content and full of aids. You need to inbound high authority domains to your site. You need to create good relations with the owner of high authority domains so that you will get the link by those domains to rank your website. You can also pay for top authority links or can get links by guest posting. But keep in mind that the inbound link to your site should be of high authority domain.

That’s all about the SEO for the E-commerce website. Want to get SEO Services? Comment blow.
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