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Money gives a sense of freedom, confidence, strength, joy of life. The desire to live richer is natural if you earn and measure requests with financial opportunities. But there is a category of people who, without having a steady income, live in debt. Their mode of existence is credits. Without paying off one, get the next one. A malicious habit leads to dangerous dependence, which has turned into a "disease of the century".

Causes of the credit boom

The desire to appear more successful and wealthy in the eyes of others. It occurs because of the propensity to assert itself and envy of the provided surrounding.

Excessive hobby for shopping. Uncontrolled buying up of things, sometimes unnecessary, requires not small funds.

Influence of advertising. Some buyers are subject to manipulation of advertising technologies. Thoughtlessly involved in the purchase of goods at a discount.

Unreasonable wasting of money. Inability to rationally allocate funds, an occasion to reflect. To live one day, without planning the future, leads to a shortage of financial resources.

The absence of a stable income leads to uncontrolled budget management. Funds are not enough for living, you have to borrow.

Residents of many countries are in debt. Apartments, houses, cars, education, everything is taken on credit. Such a state is encouraged by the state. The proposed options for lending rates seduce customers. You think that it will be easy and quick to return money. But unforeseen circumstances change their plans and lead to new loans. A person is getting more and more aggrieved in the state debt, falls into financial bondage.

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These tips will help to cope with the created material difficulty:

Method of getting rid of debt obligations

  • Keep a record of debts. Write in your notebook your list of credits - for a car, a mortgage, a consumer loan, and so on. Next write down the monthly fee.

  • Count how many (years, months) left to repay each loan. You will get a scheme, it shows what payment and how much time to pay. This will fix your payouts and thoughts.

  • Place the list in ascending order of the amount. Start with the smallest loan, it's easier to pay. It is advisable to make more money every month than necessary. Even a contribution of 50 dollars higher will sooner pay the debt.

When everything is paid off, the amount that was spent every month on payments, do not rush to spend it. Open a deposit in the bank and put it in your name. After a while, you will realize that you have savings and free funds can go on the implementation of the planned goals.


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