Hello Steemit my 2nd post on" BROKEN HEART" Topic

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Hello STEEMERS Good Morning

There was a time when i was loved you like mad...

Now, if you're to be die for me then I don't care..
I don't careimages (1).jpg

There was a time when thousands of text messages were written for you.
There was no work for me.

M JUST ...

Used to watch your last scene throughout A WHOLE the day..BeautyPlus_20151118141533_fast.jpg

But now listen
It's been a long time seeing your profile now

Now you can stay 24 hours online I don't care about....!IMG_20180521_094247.jpg

एक वक्त था जब तुमसे बेइंतहा प्यार करता था
पर अब
तू मेरे खातिर फ़ना भी हो जाये तो मुझे फर्क नहीं पड़ता।

एक वक्त था जब तुम्हे हज़ारो मेसेजेस लिखा करता था
और कोई काम न था मेरा
दिन भर तेरा लास्ट सीन देखा करता था
पर सुन
अरसा बीत गया है तेरी प्रोफाइल को देखे ..
जा .....जा
तू अब 24 घंटे ऑनलाइन रहेजा मुझे फर्क नहीं पड़ता

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Thanks Once Again ..

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Broken heart nice topic.

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Thanks for supoorting...

Nice post great work


Thenks brow

hmm something very interesting, broken heart haah


Yes ...
Its very interesting topic ...
I like to Cantinue this topic...

had a few experiences myself like this.. it helps you grow as a person .. nicely put !!!


I am glad yoy like my blog ...
keep Supoorting...

Beautiful lines brother.

really sad lines man. rip love. hahaha