Regrets (A Short Story Of A Hopeless Romantic)

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A short story written by a hopeless romantic.

It was nearly dark when I saw him entered the hotel lobby and slowly walked towards the reception. He hasn’t changed a bit, still as handsome even in his simple white shirt and denim jeans. In his hands was a bunch of fresh flowers which I knew he happily got it picked from his mom’s beautiful garden. (I knew because I’ve been there plenty of times, gardening with his mom). He was talking to the receptionist when I received a message from my friend. “Let’s go. You have enough”. When I looked up, I saw him standing in front of the elevator. I knew I really have to go and gave him a final look. “Goodbye”.

As I quietly sat in the passenger’s seat with my friend, my tears started to fall and and there I mourned for my heart. My friend just looked at me for a couple of minutes, then drew me close to her and hugged me tight. I knew I have to let go, to start moving on. I promised to myself that it will be my last cry. My one last cry.

He is my bestfriend. Or was. We grew up together and stayed close to each other even after graduating in college and finally landing a job. He was always there when I need him. Always there when I was down and weary. Knows all my secrets and plans. And all. They said we matched together and should marry each other. We will always just looked at each other and laugh it off.

I woke up one day and realized that I love him. I am in love with my bestfriend. Never in my wildest dream that I will be loving my friend, as a man. I wanted to tell him but I was afraid. Scared that it’ll ruin our friednship and he’ll run away from me. (Cliche right?). So I did not tell him. Until he found someone to love and plan to marry.

Regrets?. Yes, so much regrets I have for not letting him know how I fell.

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I promised to myself that it will be my last cry. My one last cry.

Keep hope. Your tears are not in vain, they will be rewarded.

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so much regrets, not letting him know how I fell. Anu sabe😭😭😭😭

Naka relate ka te nuh?. 😅