Summer Travels, Overgrown Landscaping, and Looking Forward

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After some 30 hours of driving from Wisconsin to Florida, through wind and sun and heavy rain and avoiding a plethora of terrible drivers and not avoiding a lot of bad traffic, the wife and I arrived in Florida for our seasonal (August through May) escapades in the humid lands of the Florida peninsula.

It's always a bit interesting to return to something familiar after three months away. To some extent, you expect things to be dramatically different when you return, or that massive and important things happened while you were gone, and now they're waiting for you to discover them. Except it's more like when you go on vacation for a week and return to find things exactly as they were. In reality, except for landscaping, things don't change much on their own unless you make those changes happen yourself.

Like some folks do with New Years resolutions, the wife and I try to identify projects and goals for our upcoming 'year'.

For my part, I know I want to focus on writing more. Short stories, as well as the couple novels I'm working on. In between working at my real job, I'm going to try and focus on getting at least one or two pieces into mainstream publications, and maybe get some real (albeit small) money out of it.

Or perhaps crypto will turn around and my small pile of steemit money will be useful as real money again and I can write full-time.

Arriving back in FL, standing on my front step and trying to see past the overgrown landscaping. At least there were no dead bodies in the pool.

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Glad you are home and safe!

Those are wonderful goals, @negativer. You have what it takes. You have a beautiful writing voice and an interesting slant on the universe. Maybe once you (and others amongst our loose knit hob-nobbing writer friends) begin getting mainstream titles published in earnest, we will all agree it’s just not what it’s cracked up to be. But I want us to be saying that from the other side — from the perspective of having done it — not from the sour grapes end of the equation. I believe in you.


You are far too kind. I expect someone from our group to be published at some point. The odds are in our favor!

Welcome home! Is your pool green?

Also, yay to more Negativer fiction.


The pool...has a bit of a tinge to it.


doood... that looks beautiful.. i think you might find a manatee in there.




Oh dear. You need a pool boy. Put that on your list for when you're a crypto millionaire and/or full-time writer.

Welcome back to FL guys!

"Or perhaps crypto will turn around and my small pile of steemit money will be useful as real money again and I can write full-time."

Please, God!