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Tell me how many thoughts go through your mind,
without fear that what you want will happen.

When you put fear aside and dare to do what you want,
you liberate your soul to another level, you liberate your being...
The destructive fear weapon of your dreams, of what you are.

Dare to go is looking for what you want,
following your instincts,
though to be bold in a certain way
can be a double-edged sword,
always, always in spite of everything you do and
in any circumstance, the
experience of what you tried.

That which you did not let go, all that you
you tried against all your fears,
without fear of losing or winning is undoubtedly the satisfaction
the most pleasant thing you'll ever experience.

That personal taste that you did whatever you wanted,
because you choose who you are and what you do,
necessary tool to forge your strong personality,
determined and focused.

ESA, that will be your strongest tool.
in this world full of people who follow protocols and
routines that are likely to lead to success.

I said ''possibly'' and if ''surely'' an empty success, without magic,
That's why you take a risk day by day get your essence out
the only one to shine and always be alone with you,
so that in success even in failure
be happy with what you've done.

The texts, the story and the images where the contrary is not specified, are of my property.


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Naya estás como el vino, mientras más pasa el tiempo mejor te pones <3 saludos ;*


skrytorio jajaj gracias.

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