How much longer do I have to wait for you?

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I'd stop time for you
If you dared to say that you also like me, I would stop it.
I've waited so long for that.

but I'm without your kisses and you still don't dare, I feel like I'm dying slowly.
Tell me, how much more do I have to wait for you?
Is it that your mouth I already forget the taste of my lips?
you open the doors to me and then you throw them in my face
have mercy on me, perhaps I am still
so crazy to keep dying at your feet
Have mercy on me.

I can get up but I fall when it is close to me
even though you don't mean to hurt me.
I just want to see you smile and be your super girl.
I'm still here in the same place where.

You left my heart in pieces without saying words
just one kiss and you left that uncertain look
I'm still looking for motive.

Will you tell me if you like me as much as you like me?
You know I want your love I've waited so long for that
I fell in love in a mysterious way with your smile

Tell me, how much longer do I have to wait for you?

The texts, the story and the images where the contrary is not specified, are of my property.


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A lovely poem or lyric of a song?


I really just write what comes into my head haha.


That's amazing, I am trying to improve my English writing skill, maybe someday I could write as well as yours.timg.gif