Money Hacks #6 - Saving Money on Your Utility Bills

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This is a series of Money Hacks to help to make extra money by creating habits in your life. Previously I'd touch on a few of these Money Hacks but wanted to go more in-depth and didn't want to produce a 10,000-word monster article for you to read.

This series will only be completed when I run out of ideas to share so make sure you bookmark this site.

Saving Money on Your Utility Bills

The best types of savings are the ones that happen automatically and without much thought. Usually this is because you've formed sensible habits that save you money every single day.

It's what makes frugal living a reality for everyone. And the more money saving habits you have, the less you need to worry where to find extra money to pay the bills each month.

So let's take a look at some real cost saving ideas for your utility bills.

Turn the Heating Down

It's the simple things that can really make a difference to your monthly spending, and saving money on your utility bills really does add up over time.

And heating your house at the right temperature can ensure you'll save hundreds of dollars of wasted heating each year. That's right, you should turn your thermostat down a few degrees and pop on a warm jumper while you're in the house.

I know everyone likes to think they're on a summer holiday in the middle of winter, but putting on a jumper and turning down the heat could even save you enough money to go on that special holiday to escape the cold.

Alternatively, just spend more time out of the house, enjoying the heating you'll find in public space like shopping malls, art galleries and libraries.

Turn the Cooling Up

Similarly, you can save a heap of cash by turning up the thermostat during summer. Before air-conditioners people stayed cool with economical fans.

But it seems now everyone wants to live in a climate controlled house.

Although for the frugally minded among us turning the A/C on is like having a hole in your pockets. Money is just falling out.

Again, if you're really hot, go to the beach, look for a swimming pool or just hang out in public places with A/C.

Saving money on your utility bills adds up over time and if you can make saving money a habit, you won't be worrying about always trying to save a few penny's as it'll just happen naturally.

And if you have a few extra tips for saving money on your utility bills then please share them below.

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