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Shakespeare would be proud of me.
Being……….what does that mean to you? In my previous post I mentioned the "Be" word in 10 tips. Yes I was up to something -haha. I mentioned at the end that the word Be would help with focussing on Being. I created a "to-Be list" instead of a "to-Do list". However what is that all about? In this post I will explain a bit more - not to much. I will give food for thought - the rest is up to you and me.

My latest posts have an overarching theme - the subject of happiness and tips to facilitate a happy life. Ultimately, happiness is from within. If our environment gives us "things" and creates moments when we are happy - when those things are taken away or our expectations are not met - what then?
Moments of happiness are appreciated but what about lasting happiness?
Another thought: sometimes success is thought to create happiness. However can being happy create success?

We are consumed by the things we have to do for e.g.: please our partners and our bosses, nurture our offsprings, check our Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Steemit, Discord etc.etc. - oh boy - what did we miss. We rush to work - we rush home. Even the Energizer Bunny needs recharging. Somehow most of us are always doing something - but we are called "human beings" not human doers.

Those moments when we stop and literally smell the roses is when we are being. However, we cannot always have those rosy moments. So what then?

Being is also:

  • engaging with friends and family - whether it is nice or difficult discussions;
  • walking down the street and smiling or saying good morning to a stranger;
  • holding hands with a loved one or your children;
  • enjoying nature - the sunrise and sunset, trees, wind, sea, rain etc.;
  • helping or sharing with someone;
  • focussing on the things one's good at and celebrating them;
  • Et al....................

Let's starts being today. It releases stress where we cannot have an impact or effect change. Incorporate the ten tips and more and observe yourself being happier.

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I guess we have to learn how to check and balance our lives....We sometimes pursue life and loose ourselves in between... We should practice this daily so as to feel the impact of nature in our lives and to appreciate life more.


@@@ifeoluwa88 indeed - to experience the marvels of nature but to also bond with our dearest friends and family.

The problems of life does not give us the luxury of having time for things that truly make us happy. Like you said, we are called human beings and not human doers and so we must learn to be. Thanks @momogrow. Awesome post.


@zyzymena Thank you. Yes we’ve become too busy but we all need to slow down and enjoy before it is too late.

You're very correct on the moment of happiness part. Happiness produced by things, possessions or success only last for a moment. The real happiness is the one the comes from the heart. Whether there's money or not it's just there. I appreciate this piece. thanks for sharing


@jadyclem - you are welcome. Indeed it is inside - one must feel it. In a previous post I discussed whether the poor can be happy would love - would love to hear your thoughts.


Apologies @momogro i know you didn't ask for my thoughts specifically, and i have not read your previous post so hope i do not sound misinformed. I sometimes ponder about the terms rich or poor and if they are defined correctly. One might argue that being poor is the inability to provide for those you have a moral obligation - such as family or even yourself but not as being below a certain statistic. However perhaps that's not comparable to someone who is fiscally secure who fails to provide to the aforementioned. Hence a family or person below a statistic reported or recorded as 'poor' could achieve happiness as long as they can provide. Fleeting happiness is by definition unsustainable and therefore inconsequential to those that are important (including yourself). To conclude one might argue if poor means that you cannot provide, then only fleeting happiness such as the smell of a flower or saving a honey bee from a poor fate (pun intended) is regrettably available to those who are truly poor and we as a society should strive to assist.

Hope you get a chance to read this and perhaps respond as i am very open minded and might even learn something if people don't agree. Good luck @momogrow with your endeavours.


@ - thanks for your comment. Wd are jn agreement. In my prior post I described 2 types oc poor. You referred to the poor with nothing-I referred to them as impoverished and indeed their happiness is fleeting. I eould live to get your feedback after u trad the post. I think we would agree- similar sentiments.


Thank you for taking time to reply @momogrow I have now ready your previous post and yes i find myself in agreement with much of your thoughts. It also made me want to add my own thoughts and deliberations at times. However i wish i had read it earlier because i'm new to steemit and, but to my inexperienced knowledge now its 10 days old my engagement would not benefit your account? (Hope you can fill me in) Regardless i think the post is one i would like to engage with and will try to do so soon.

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The simple things we neglect are part of what Make life interesting. Just forgetting every other thing and doing those simple things listed will go a long way to help brighten our day and make it interesting.


@resuscitate - yes sometimes the simple things bring so much joy - just the simple things. :-)