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RE: Why we should Decriminalise All Drugs

in #blog4 years ago

Agree, even though it may seem silly at first, when you really look at the facts and think about it it makes sense.

It is possible that more people would try drugs but I think the more people would try them the more they would understand them and realize that some can be helpful and some are just a death path...

Also the treatment of addiction would be on whole another level when all drugs would be decriminalized because there would be much more research on this and doctors would be able to use maybe other drugs not that strong to reduce the withdrawal symptoms, etc.

There already is some drug that can make you not want to do heroin again but it is illegal...


Absolutely, plus the money that would be available for this research and treatment would be amazing, especially when applying tax on drugs like on alcohol and cigarettes :)

Yea... I also hate that we are basically forced to consume alcohol and tobacco because all the other drugs are illegal even though many of them aren't nearly as harmful as these 2

Well, I mean you can also just not use any drugs haha like me, so no alcohol, no tobacco, no drugs, no energy drinks, no fast food etc. But yes I get your point, if you do want to do something, than it is easy to reach for alcohol right now rather than xtc for instance

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