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Hello everyone how are you all.i hope you also very good.today I share a beautiful love story I hope you also like my blog post. 6Give me a pick, which you like best.
Riddy massage is a little or a lot of a surprise. I will do it with my affection, and how does she know that I have her pick?
Do you think I have your pickup?
-Hum, why not? Let's get it.

  • Suddenly,
    -Is it okay, give me?
  • Well.
    I was a little surprised to see Riddhi Confidence. Why should I keep his pick? Although I have almost a hundred pick of him. Ricki had already picked up on Facebook, but now it does not. I have saved all the pickups because I see it in the middle. Nearly every day, almost every day. Do not sleep if you do not see him. But Riddhi does not know how to save the pickup.
    I sent him the most beautiful pikata of him. I felt like a lot of mistakes beforehand. I never gave up on this pickup, I was silent, it was without his knowledge.
    Ridhis massage a little later
    Where did you get this?
  • I just picked up, sorry
    -Calse party
    Well done.
    -Thank you
    You have to talk to TCS?
    What's that?
    -As before,
  • Well.
    I got a little scared. The rage was very angry. It is normal to have anger, if I take pictures of a girl silently, she is angry with the girl. I am not like other boys, I love her. To express love and to be a friend, I did not say it to you. Our friend Mahalaya kamalapaya different ideas about this I do not lend them. I always love him that I love him. Do not say me because if he breaks his friend in anger, then I can not speak anymore. But who knows what will happen today? He may have been angry too, can slip and slap and kill. MARUCK, what does he have to do?
    Taking the TSC, Riri has already been waiting for me. From the distance, his mood status can not be understood. To see it, I have to go to him. But I do not understand whether to go. Thinking in my thoughts, Ridi called me by pointing her hand. And there is nothing to do, I went slowly to Riddhi, what is there on the forehead?
    Riddhi went ahead and said,
    -How are you?
    I was amazed to hear him speak. Why is it so beautiful that she is talking. I am not dreaming, I do not see it. This is the storm forecast?
  • What's that? How are you?
    -Hum, good. You?
    You take good pictures,
    How many pieces have I got in front of you?
    It was one,
    -Watch the mobile,
    Neither have you forgotten.
    (There are many peaks on the mobile and the rest is in the PC.
  • Hey, the mobile is pocketed. It seems obvious,
    -Oh, I'll bring you.
    I pushed the mobile out to Riddhi. No tension, no password, I have a password. Riyali said seeing the password,
    -Password enforcement?
    Do you remember me?
    I smiled a little,
    Do you remember?
    Are you hacking the hack?
    -What do you think?
    -It's so. Tell me what is the password?
  • "Ridhi"
    I was a little surprised and heard how. Of course, it does not matter, the name of the son whom he loves is used as a mobile or Facebook password. But did I understand that I love him?
    How do you make the window?
    Ridhi opened the password and said,
    -Wallpaper and my photos, Impressive.
    Tension is not about the wallpaper, with the tension gallery. There are so many Riddhi pictures that even Riddhi does not have herself.
    Riyadi was surprised by seeing the gallery and saw her pick. After all, she said,
    This is a pickup pick!
    -What's the point? Do not say anything else?
    I'm sorry for picking rickshaws. I should not have done it.
    -It's nothing more?
  • Yes,
    So say
    I'm very ...
    Since then,
  • The first day of the city, the day you sat beside me. I did not look at the board of a squared class room. I saw you only. You touched one of your blue twigs.
    I remember what color I had come to you,
    -Hum, why not?
    Three years ago, they talked about
    I think it's not that yesterday, so beautiful day, I do not want to make it old.
    Ridhi did not say anything, just smiled. I smiled. Then, after pulling a ear from my pocket, I raised her up and said,
    -It's yours,
    Ridhi jumka said from my hand,
    -It's lost the first day of the university,
    I asked you whether you got it?
    I said,
    -When you had nothing to me,
    Ridhi laughed after listening to me. Hassi stopped and said,
    What do you have now?
    There's nothing too much, but you're there.
    -Yeo Ice Cream Nissos,
    It's winter,
  • Come on,
    -Galfrom's Fulfillment, every boyfriend's responsibility, go.
    Well, my girlfriend.
    Ridi again smiled and kissed. When I got up from Brechchi, I called Ridhi,
  • An ice cream anba,
    If you eat one in two, love will increase, and it will be less.
    -Good Idea.
    This cold ice cream is sure to play. Still, eating ice cream together will increase love too 'On that day I saw a video on Facebook, posting Rampa. With his bride to go to Thailand, I was not? One theme was parked in the park, hurricane or tsunami name. So scary raid! Father, father!
    I did not ride on a rides except for a pic of Boishakhi ... very hobby one day, screaming in such a horrible ride that I will lock my ears!
    Rampa talked about how the man became depressed when he got up. In her marriage, this girl has given a microwave oven alone, the oven is still out of the carton. Who knows what he plays on his head!
    The brake kaval nabakoli transport at very fast. The girl was almost nervous, while the last moment touched her husband's hand and got saved.
    The man said, 'Stand here, buy me a bottle of water, buy 20 rupee bottles, 40 rupees ... business!'
    'Come on ... let's go ...' The man quickly comes back with a half-liter water bottle. The couple entered the Mirpur Zoo on the ticket cut. The day has passed for Eid-ul-Fitr relatives, so today they come around two days of Eid.
    Monkeys, Royal Bengal Tigers, Giraffe, Bhutanese Lions, Hyena, Macao-Cages After Cage! The girl's surprise continues to grow ...
    'A surprise!' The man's words are surprised.
    The man takes the hand of the girl on the west side of the zoo. Oma! The elephants left here!
    'Chase the elephant?' She does not get the answer to answer. The man started the bargain on the other side.
    The elephants that can not take the girl back on the back, what a scream of the girl! 'Let me down ... I will not ... I do not want to be in the elephant ... I'll get it right now!'
    The girl's shouting, however, was dropped by her last. After coming down from the back of the elephant, she took the head of Laj Sham and grabbed her and said, 'I will not go to Thailand, I will not go away!'
    Who knows what the man knows, he chuckled the girl and said, 'I will not go too!

It's a long love story please always check my blog post how is it.good upvote my post and comments

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I can see that the English Language is not your first so the use of the punctuation marks are not used in your story. Once these are used your story will be enhanced. I can be of help if you so desire. All the best in your future writing.


Thanks dear

You have a good blog, I followed you. I hope that you follow me, let's develop Steemit together and develop even faster. Pleased to meet you!