To my steemit followers, Thank you

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I know I say thank you for all of your support often, but it just doesn't feel often enough.

Not just to Steemit, but Steem as a whole. As a Technology.

It seems like forever that I posted about losing my job and facing being on the streets. But with extremely hardword, persistence and talking to you guys, I've climbed out of the worst part of my life, to the beginnings of the best part of my life.

It's only because of you. You who takes the time to view my content. Who blesses me with an upvote, a comment, a Re-steem, you have turned my life around.

I no longer have to worry about bills, I don't have worry about food. I can pursue my passions, and really get down to what I want to do most in my life, and that's helping steemit in the ways only I can.

Those of you who support me every single day, thank you very much for enabling me.

No matter what it takes, I will find ways to add value to this community.

For me, it's spreading the awareness of the platform through creativity and creative content.

Last week I was successful in convincing a offline business to begin the process of accepting steem for online purchases, which is massive for us.

Now I'm working on hosting a Local tournament sponsored by the Steem platform, and am working on T-shirts, flyers and brochures to share with anyone who may be interested in what Steem is.

Even with the prices of Steem falling and the rewards spread so thinly, I am confident that we can reach viral levels with this content.

So big user or small user, I want to thank you very much for following my content.

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Congrats on becoming self employed! Glad to see Steem changing lives :)


Thanks, it's definitely been super exciting, and I have so much farther to go.

Bravo man you did it .
But you will be more successful in your future because of your hard work .
Feeling really good after reading your story .
Bless up buddy , lot of love for you .
Keep going to the moon 😊 @malicered

Good morning friends

Hopefully the future, a kmu will be more successful friends, life will be inndah if we can mutually beragi

great writing dear friend.i like to your post .please next post soon..

continue to be excited, your words can be a motivation

Sangat menarik, semoga sukses terus 👍

Amazing Post Here. I appreciate to you to become self employed.

Congratulations ,, hopefully we as a beginner can be successful like you, and you are more successful in the future ,,