Thoughts on The War on Normal People

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Did you know that millions of people outside of the USofA follow American elections even though they don't participate in them? Do you know why this is a thing? It's pretty simple, the USA is in such a powerful position worldwide that the result of their elections tends to matter a lot to their own countries (sometimes even more than their elections).

I am one of those people, I follow them and have a lot of fun doing so. At some point last year Andrew Yang started popping into multiple of my feeds as a candidate, I didn't know much about him, no one did really, so I mostly ignored him. But Andrew is not someone you can ignore for long and after a while, I ended up taking the bait.

I would like to say my first full exposure to him and his ideas was on the Joe Rogan podcast but I'm not entirely sure about it - what I'm sure about is that as soon as I started listening to his ideas I knew I was hooked. Everything clicked - THIS is the guy the world needs right now - Smart, Tech Savy, and most importantly, NOT a dinosaur. You could say I got hooked into the yang gang immediately even though I had no business being there but that's just the power of Yang. The Rest is history, we all know what happened next...

Fast forward to last week when I decided to finally pick up The War on Normal People. It was an enjoyable read and it outlines quite well his ideas and intentions. It also helped paint a clearer picture of everything he did during his run but it also was a premise of what went wrong.

Market-driven capitalism has led technology to shake up the entirety of the American economy and with that it is setting the US and the world for a never seen before cultural shake up and economic crisis.

Right now during the coronavirus pandemic we are experiencing a small scale of what the future of mass automatization and unemployment could be if we run straight into it unprepared. Andrew summarized the current situation well in a tweet a couple of weeks ago - He said something along the lines of "I should have talked about pandemics and not robots" but that would have probably not worked as well in my opinion!

Not everything is a negative - Thanks to the spotlight Andrew had, new contenders are rising to fight for the ideas he spread and brought into the mainstream and even though I am a pessimist at heart - I hold some hope for a future with human capitalism that values health and well being over financial gains.

If you are given a choice between lowering the ceiling or raising the floor, You should always raise the floor...

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